Course Schedules

8-Week Sessions

TermSession Start DateCourses Offered
Fall I August 17, 2015 Fall 2015 Schedule 
Fall II October 17, 2015 Fall 2015 Schedule
Spring I January 5, 2015 Spring 2015 Schedule
Spring II March 9, 2015 Spring 2015 Schedule
Summer June 1, 2015 Summer 2015 Schedule

16-Week Semesters

Certificates on the 16 Week Schedule: Actuarial Science Certificate, Graphic Design Certificate,  Mathematics Certificate, and Statistics Certificate.

TermSession Start DateCourses Offered


August 25 Fall 2015 Schedule


January 12 Spring 2015 Schedule

Paralegal Studies Schedules

Paralegal certificates are offered in conjunction with the Institute for Paralegal Studies. For more information, visit