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Business Communication

The BA in Applied Studies with Business Concentration provides you with a solid foundation in writing, public speaking, group communication and ethics, along with business courses that cover statistics, computer technology and management.

This program is ideal for students interested in careers such as speech writer, media correspondent, legal mediator and labor relations specialist.


The BA in Applied Studies with Business Communication concentration comprises 120 credit hours. Courses in the Business Communication concentration are offered in accelerated, 8-week sessions. All courses are offered in the traditional (in-person) format with several courses available online.

I. Applied Studies Major: 24 credit hours

  • ECON 201 (or 202): Introduction to Microeconomics (or Macroeconomics)
  • COMM 175: Introduction to Communication
  • CPST 310: Accounting Principles and Application
  • CPST 247: Computer Concepts and Applications
  • STAT 103: Statistics

Writing (choose one):

  • ENGL 310: Advanced Writing
  • ENGL 185: Creative Writing
  • CPST 315: Technical Writing

Communications (choose one):

  • COMM 101: Public Speaking and Critical Thinking (meets IGEC requirement)
  • COMM 200: Communication and New Media
  • COMM 231: Conflict Management and Communication
  • COMM 237: Small Group Communication
  • COMM 215: Ethics & Communication
  • COMM 277: Organizational Communication

Theoretical Skills (choose one):

  • CPST 370 Theories of Leadership
  • CPST 360 Development and Change in Organization
  • CPST 340 Principles of Marketing
  • PLSC 367 International Political Economy

II. SCPS Common Curriculum: 9 credit hours

  • CPST 200: Introduction to Degree Completion
  • CPST 2XX: Professional Identity and Development
  • CPST 399: Capstone

III. Business Communication Concentration: 18 credit hours

  • COMM 103 Business and Professional Speaking
  • COMM 210 Public Relations
  • COMM 231 Conflict Management Communication
  • COMM 240 Communication and New Media
  • COMM 268 Persuasion
  • COMM 277 Organizational Communication

IV. University Core Requirements

What are employers looking for? Employers say they are looking for a demonstrated capacity in these areas:

  • think critically
  • communicate clearly
  • solve complex problems
  • ethical judgment and integrity
  • intercultural skills
  • the capacity for continued new learning
  • written and oral communication
  • applied knowledge in real-world settings
  • broad knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences

In the University Core you will further develop your skills. Learn more about University Core Requirements.

V. Electives

A total of 120 credits are required for the degree at Loyola University Chicago. Sources of the remaining credits can include courses offered in the SCPS 8-week session schedule or the 16-week semester schedule. Transfer credits (not already used in the major, concentration, or University Core), Prior Learning Assessment, CLEP, DSST, or ACE-evaluated credits (such as your military transcript) can all used to fulfill the remaining elective credit requirements that get you to 120 credits, subject to residency and other requirements.

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