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Organizational Development and Leadership

SCPS understands that adult students often wish to take a wide range of courses to meet their professional and personal interests so we have designed the BA in Applied Studies degree to enhance your current career or establish a new one. The BA in Applied Studies provides a strong foundation in communication and business, and a concentration in Integrated Marketing and Communication prepares students for a variety of careers in the following fields: advertising, public relations, marketing, media relations, or web design.

Potential outcomes: advertising and marketing manager, graphic designer, market research analyst, media relations manager, market research manager.

The BA in Applied Studies with a concentration in Organizational Development and Leadership comprises 120 credit hours.

Applied Studies Major Courses (27 credit hours)

I. Foundational Skills (9 credit hours):

  • ECON 201 or 202 Microeconomics or Macroeconomics (3 credit hours)
  • CPST 200 Introduction to Degree Completion (3 credit hours)
  • CPST 290 World Geography (3 credit hours)

II. Communication Skills (9 credit hours):

Required: COMM 175 Introduction to Communication (3 credit hours)

Writing Skills -- Select one course from the following: (3 credit hours)

  • ENGL 185 Creative Writing
  • ENGL 310 Advanced Writing
  • CPST 315 Professional Technical Writing

Communication Skills --Select one course from the following: (3 credit  hours)

  • COMM 101 Public Speaking and Critical Thinking
  • COMM 200 Communication and New Media
  • COMM 231 Conflict Management and Communication
  • COMM 237 Small Group Communication
  • COMM 215 Ethics & Communication
  • COMM 277 Organizational Communication

III. Career Preparation (9 credit hours):

Required: CPST 310 Accounting Principles and Applications (3 credit hours)

Applied Skills -- Select one course of the following (3 credit hours)

  • CPST 247 Computer Concepts and Applications
  • STAT 103 Statistics

Theoretical Skills -- Select one from the following (3 credit hours)

  •  CPST 370 Theories of Leadership
  •  CPST 360 Marketing and Organizational Behavior
  •  CPST 340 Principles of Marketing
  •  PLSC 367 International Political Economy

Organizational Development and Leadership Concentration (18 credit hours)

  • COMM 231 Conflict Management and Communication
  • COMM 277 Organizational Communication
  • CPST 360 Organizational Development and Change
  • CPST 370 Leadership Theories and Applications
  • CPST 380 Leadership, Culture and Ethics
  • CPST 390 Organizational Theory and Practice

University Core Requirements: 48 credit hours

University Core Curriculum courses carry three credit hours per class, unless otherwise indicated. Some requirements may be fulfilled by transfer credit. Please speak to an SCPS academic advisor about prior credits. For the most up-to-date listing of courses for each University Core Curriculum knowledge area, see LUC.edu/core.

Electives: 27 credit hours

Courses offered in the SCPS 8-week session schedule, the 16-week semester schedule or from existing transfer credit can be used to fulfill elective credit requirements.

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