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School of Continuing and Professional Studies

General Curriculum

SCPS degrees have unique concentration areas made up of at least 6 required courses for 18 credit hours. These concentrations fit into the 120 hour-requirement to compete a degree from the University of Loyola Chicago. The remaining credit requirements come from the Major requirements and  three additional areas:   

Combined with the the major and concentration area that most interests you, these courses are required to help give you a well-rounded education that prepares you for your field while ensuring you experience everything LUC has to offer. Details the courses that make up each curriculum area are below.   

I.  University Core Curriculum (45 credit hours)

Students complete the amount of credit hours in each knowledge area indicated below. University Core Curriculum courses carry three credit hours per class, unless otherwise indicated. Some requirements may be fulfilled by transfer credit. Please speak to an SCPS academic advisor about prior credits. For the most up to date listing of courses for each University Core Curriculum knowledge area, see www.luc.edu/core.

    University Writing Requirement (3)
    Artistic Knowledge (3)
    Historical Knowledge (6)
    Literary Knowledge and Experience (6)
    Quantitative Literacy (3)
    Philosophical Knowledge (6)
    Scientific Literacy (6)
    Societal/Cultural Understanding (6)
    Theological/Religious Studies (6)
    *Ethics (met by courses taken to fulfill the Theological/Religious Studies or Philosophical Knowledge Areas)

II.  SCPS School Requirements (12 credit hours)

The following communication and writing courses are required of all students:

III.  Electives

Electives can be fulfilled with any course offered on the SCPS schedule, the 16-week semester course offered across the university, or met by transfer credit. An advisor will assist you in determining what is needed for elective credit.


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