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Organizational Psychology

BA in Management

The Organizational Psychology concentration provides complete management training coupled with courses on social psychology, personality studies and industrial psychology. This concentration is designed for those pursing management careers involving worker productivity, assessment, training and human resources.


The BA in Management with Organizational Psychology concentration comprises 120 credit hours. Courses in the Organizational Psychology concentration are offered in accelerated, 8-week sessions. All courses are offered in the traditional (in-person) format with several courses available online.

I. Major in Management Requirements: 30 credit hours

  • CPST 247: Computer Concepts and Applications
  • CPST 250: Foundations of Organizations
  • CPST 310: Accounting Principles and Applications
  • CPST 340: Marketing Concepts and Strategies
  • CPST 349: Project Management
  • CPST 350: Human Resource Principles
  • ECON 201: Microeconomics
  • ECON 202: Macroeconomics
  • COMM 237: Small Group Communication
  • COMM 273: Interpersonal Communication

II. SCPS Requirements: 12 credit hours

  • COMM 101: Public Speaking and Critical Thinking
  • COMM 150: Communication Processes
  • ENGL 310: Business and Professional Writing
  • CPST 200: Introduction to Degree Completion

As of Fall 2011, all Communication courses have moved from the CMUN prefix to COMM. Course numbers have also been adjusted but content has not.  For more information, visit the School of Communication.

III. Organizational Psychology: 18 credit hours

  • PSYC 273: Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC 275: Social Psychology
  • PSYC 338: Psychology of Personality
  • PSYC 353: Applied Social Psychology
  • PSYC 356: Consumer Psychology
  • PSYC 362: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

IV. University Core Requirements: 48 credit hours

For more information see University Core Requirements (PDF).

V. Electives: 12 credit hours

Courses offered in the SCPS 8-week session schedule, the 16-week semester schedule or from existing transfer credit can be used to fulfill elective credit requirements.

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