"At Loyola, the professors consider a student's real world experiences an important part of the curriculum."

Respect for your past experience. Relevant to your future goals.

Why did you choose Loyola?
I'm an Army veteran, and another veteran told me about his experience at Loyola and said they were vet friendly. I also had some experience with the Jesuits and their high standards of education. I went to a Jesuit high school in New York and my wife was a graduate of Marquette University. I knew that it would be a challenging environment, and that's what I wanted.

You started school at age 31. What was it like as a non-traditional student?
I tried going into a traditional school environment and I felt I did not fit in. SCPS was the best choice for me because there are different people with different backgrounds. I felt it was an excellent enviorment and I was happy with the relationships I made with the people I met.

How has Loyola helped you in your current position?
When I was interviewing for some positions and I mentioned Loyola they were impressed off the bat. When you start talking about transformational education and transformational leadership it makes sense to recruiters. They're looking for a prospect that can not just do a job but transform a situation into something better.

What was the biggest challenge?
Time management. I had a full-time job, we'd just moved to Elmhurst, my wife and I had our first child. I had to a lot going on, then I had to go to class at the end of the day.

How did you manage it all?
Schedule everything. One of my classes was Project Management, and I had managed projects before, taking the class I realized how the principles of project management can be applied to everything.

So you while you keep a good schedule remember to fit a little time for yourself. And I've taken that with me to my new job. It's a lot more taxing than my previous one, but I'm prepared for it, and the rewards are there.


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