BA in Pastoral Leadership

University Core Courses: 48 hours

Students complete the amount of credit hours in each knowledge area indicated below. University Core Curriculum courses carry three credit hours per class, unless otherwise indicated. Some requirements may be fulfilled by transfer credit.  Please speak to an SCPS academic advisor about prior credits.

  • University Writing Requirement
  • Artistic Knowledge
  • Historical Knowledge (6)
  • Literary Knowledge & Experience (6)
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • Philosophical Knowledge (6)
  • Scientific Literacy (6)
  • Societal/Cultural Understanding (6)
  • Theological/Religious Studies (6)
  • Ethics (met by courses taken to fulfill the Theological/Religious Studies or Philosophical Knowledge Areas)

For the most up to date listing of courses for each University Core Curriculum knowledge area, see

SCPS Core: 9 credit hours

CPST 200 Introduction to Degree Completion

CPST 201 Professional Identity and Development

CPST 397 Capstone

Management Major requirements: 39 hours

COMM 237: Small Group Communication

COMM 273: Interpersonal Communication

ECON 201: Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 202: Principles of Macroeconomics

[CPST 247: Computer Concepts and Application

      or INFS 247: Business Information Systems]

CPST 250: Foundations of Organizations

CPST 310: Accounting Principles and Applications

CPST 340: Marketing Concepts and Strategies

CPST 349: Project Management

CPST 350: Human Resource Principles and Practices

LREB 315: Law and Regulatory  Environment of Business

STAT 103: Statistics

CPST 371: Organizational Finance

Pastoral Leadership Concentration courses - 18 credit hours

PSYC 338 Psychology of Personality

COMM 231 Communication and Conflict Management

IPS 570 Introduction to Theology and Ministry

3 elective courses from the following courses*:

IPS 610 Social Justice Foundations

IPS 620 Diversity and Equity

IPS 660 Leadership in Social Justice Organizations

IPS 416 Christian Origins: An Exploration of the New Testament

IPS 417 Literature of Ancient Israel

IPS 402 The Church and Its Mission

* these courses double-count towards your MA in Pastoral Studies curriculum as well

Electives: 6 credit hours

Courses offered in the SCPS schedule, the 16-week schedule or from existing transfer credit can be used to fulfill elective credit requirements.