Organizational Development & Leadership Certificate

This Organizational Development and Leadership Certificate is designed for students who desire to learn more about the theories, research and practical applications of organizational development in the workplace. Students explore how organizations work and acquire skills to assess, diagnose and address structural and cultural problems. Topics include strategies, models and intervention techniques for organizational development.

The theory, research and processes of organizational communication are examined, with emphasis on applications that are effective inside and outside the organization. The study of human behavior in the workplace provides valuable knowledge and skills for conflict management, motivation and morale, and employee development. In accord with individual needs, students have elective options to acquire additional skills in leadership, interpersonal and small group communication, marketing and/or accounting.

Transfer credit is accepted toward certificate completion, up to six hours. All courses are for credit and are transferable once a student is admitted to the BA Management or Applied Studies degree programs with the Organizational Development and Leadership concentration, also at SCPS or to any other undergraduate degree-seeking program here at Loyola. Prerequisite coursework may be required.

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Certificate Requirements

The certificate is comprised of the following six courses (18 credit hours):

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