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Tracy Scott

Title/s: Faculty

Office #: Lewis Towers 401

Phone: 312.915.6501

E-mail: tscott@soulfeed.org


Dr. Tracy Scott is Founder and President of Feeding The Soul Christian Ministries, Healthy Living Seminars, and the radio station WPJC-FM.  Dr. Scott is a seminar speaker and he has authored several articles while providing counseling and leadership to many individuals, couples, families, ministries, churches, and organizations. 

Dr. Scott received his training in Christian counseling while working for many years at the historic Minirth Meier Clinic. The Minirth Meier Clinic was considered the "gold standard" in Christian counseling.

Dr. Scott has an earned doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology. He also completed post graduate education at the University of Chicago Health Studies Department, and a two year post doctorate fellowship in clinical neuropsychology/behavioral medicine at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Scott has more than 15 years of teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He in interested in work to help free persons from the chains of depression, racism, stress, health challenges, and the broader issues involving individuals, families, churches, and communities.

Dr. Scott is an ordained minister, and a student of the Taiji Chen Style.


  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Adler School of Professional Psychology
  • Bachelor, Lakeland College

Program Areas

  • PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 273 Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC 275 Social Psychology

Professional & Community Affiliations

  • Black African-Americans Christian Counselors

Selected Publications

  • Scott, T. Cocaine Associated Cerebrovascular Accidents Among Young Adult African Americans.  Presented at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Conference.
  • Scott, T. Entrapment Neuropathologies In the Upper Extremities of Weight Lifters.  Presented at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Conference.
  • Scott, T. Role of the Psychologist in Hospital Practice: Response to Tovian's Cardiac Surgical Team.  Illinois Psychological Association Annual Conference.
  • Scott, T. Moderator for Rehabilitation for Coma Patients in Times of Scarce Resources: Ethical Issues.  Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • Scott, T. Moderator for Lecture Series: Epidemiology of Cerebrovascular, Trauma, and Infections Disease.  Wheaton, IL
  • Scott,T. Mental Illness, Health Care and Life Issues. Manuscript Completed. March, 200
  • Scott, T: Critique of Stanley Crouch’s Always in Pursuit: Fresh American Perspectives. In Davis, J., Ryken, L., and Martin, T., (eds); Reading For Life. 2002
  • Scott,T: Critique of Marable Manning’s Black Leadership. In Davis, J., Ryken, L., and Martin, T., (eds); Reading For Life. 2002
  • Cone, L., Reed, A., Scott, T., Bonfiglio, R. Cocaine-Associated Cerebrovascular
  • Accidents Among Young African Americans. Archives of Physical Medicine and
  • Rehabilitation, 1991; 72:840.
  • Alexander, B., Shelton, C., Sigler, J. L., Reddick, S., Scott, T. Entrapment
  • Neuropathies in the Upper Extremities of Weight Lifters. Academy