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International Student Registration Guide

Welcome to Loyola University Chicago!                                                  

In collaboration with the Office of International Programs (OIP), First and Second Year Advising staff members assist international exchange students with enrolling in their Fall, Spring or Summer classes, prior to their arrival on campus. The following information is to assist you with enrollment.

(International transfer students seeking a Loyola degree should be redirected to our transfer program by clicking here.)

Incoming international exchange students should follow this enrollment guide:

Login to our online enrollment system (LOCUS) at www.luc.edu. You'll see the "LOCUS" icon on the top right hand corner of the page. Since you do not have a student login ID, yet, simply sign in as a guest on the "Sign in as a Visitor" link.

  1. "Sign in as a Visitor"
  2. Select "Perform Class Search"

    Select appropriate term Term: Spring 2013, Summer 2013, Fall 2013

    Then, Select Subject This is in alpha order by subject. Go through the alphabet to familiarize yourself with these subjects.

    Choose a subject (e.g. COMM)

    Leave the check button on "Show Open Classes only"

    Then, "Search"

  3. You will see all the open COMM classes for your chosen semester or term.
  4. Click on the blue "Section" hyperlink for more information on this course.
  5. Read the course description.
  6. Read the course pre-requisite(s), if any.
  7. If the course has a pre-requisite(s), look up those pre-requisites in the Catalog. See: *Browse the Catalog* below.
  8. If you have not taken a course similar to the pre-requisite, you are not qualified to take that class.
  9. If you have taken the pre-requisite, send me a description of that pre-requisite in English.

    We need to review a copy of your course description(s) from your home institution to confirm you have completed any required pre-requisite(s). Without this confirmation, we are unable to enroll you in a class with a pre-requisite requirement. If you have not already sent course descriptions for any pre-requisites requirements, you may send your college level course descriptions with your class choices via e-mail.

  10. Repeat this process and use this link to build your Fall class schedule.

    Schedule Builder

    You need at least four, 3 credit classes to be full-time (12 credits are needed to fulfill visa requirements).

    List the name of each class, the class code, and the four digit number shown in parenthesis, for the class(es) you want.For example, CMUN 101 Public Speaking and Critical Thinking, (001) #1234.

This Schedule Builder is a handy reference tool to assist you identify the campus location of our fall courses. Please note, I will be adding an English Composition course and a Math course (where appropriate) to your first semester schedule.

E-mail us noting your preferred e-mail contact address and your intended major, academic interests, and professional goals along with a list of courses you would like or need.

E-mail Us
Full Name:
E-mail Address:
E-mail Content:

(NOTE: If your browser does not support the email function, please email your fall course choices to FSYAdvising@luc.edu (see the Fall Registration Guide above for the details we require.)


This schedulebuilder.pdf is a handy reference tool to assist you identify the campus location of our fall courses. Please note, I will be adding an English Composition course and a Math course (where appropriate) to your first semester schedule.


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Mailing Address: 1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660

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