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Edifying and Curious Letters: Jesuit Accounts of the Americas, 1565–1896

Learn about Jesuit explorers, missionaries, educators, and who historians whose accounts of the New World informed Europeans about the new lands and peoples they encountered.

Jesuits & the Sciences, 1540–1999

Highlighting the contributions of the Society of Jesus to the Sciences. Features images from Loyola's rare book collection.

Hidden Loyola

Tour of the hidden niches and corners of buildings and landmarks (both current and former) at the Lake Shore Campus.

Loyola Traditions

Find out about Loyola's traditions.

Loyola Timeline, 1870–2010

Learn about Loyola's History.

G is for Gorey—C is for Chicago: The Collection of Thomas Michalak

An online version of the exhibit which ran at the Loyola University Museum of Art from February–June 2014. This exhibit featured the Edward Gorey collection of Thomas Michalak, now part of the Loyola University of Chicago Archives & Special Collections.