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Recently Opened

Collections opened for research 2012 to 2014

SERRA International records (61.86 lft)

Thomas Sheehan, Ph.D., papers (12.18 lft)

Suzanne S. Gossett, Ph.D., papers (6.67 lft)

Catholic Church Extension Society:

Dan Rostenkowski papers:

Dorr E. Felt collection:

Cuneo records:

Ronald J. Kizior, Ph.D., papers (32.5 lft)

St. Ignatius Parish collection (3.0 lft)

Elizabeth A. Schor collection (4.25 lft)

Holy Cards, Pamphlets & Prayer Book collection (3.75 lft)

Brownson Circle records (3.0 lft)

Collections opened for research during 2011-2012

Catholic Church Extension Society:

William D. O'Brien, D.D., records, 1906-1962 (2 lft)

Financial records, 1905-1959 (4 lft)

Publication Collection, 1905-2011 (17.5 lft)

Cuneo records:

Hawthorn Farm Construction records, 1914-1916 (4 lft)

Office of the Director, Barbara Hirschfeld records, 1990-1998 (8 lft)

Administrative records, 1946-2006 (5.75 lft)

Other collections:

Rosemary V. Donatelli papers, 1957-1980 (14.5 lft)

John E. Festle, S.J., papers, 1932-1983 (8.5)


Collections opened for research during 2010-2011 

Francis X. Grollig, S.J., papers, 6.8 linear feet

Catherine Jarrott, Ph.D., papers, 5.5 linear feet

J. Donald Roll, S.J., papers, 2.0 linear feet

, 6.5 linear feet

William G. Thompson, S.J., papers, 14.25 linear feet

John E. Festle, S.J., papers, 8.5 linear feet

Robert Broderick papers, 15.26 linear feet

Nevett Fund of America records, 10.45 linear feet

Holy Family Parish records (ledgers), 7.0 linear feet

Catholic Church Extension Society records:

Historical Letters and Documents, 1.25 linear feet

Rev. Francis C. Kelley records, .5 linear feet

Rev. Richard St. John records, 4.3 linear feet

American Board of Catholic Missions, 3.0 linear feet

Russian Apostolate, St. Procipius Abbey, 2.0 linear feet

George Hennessey, Supt. of Chapel Cars, Correspondence, 1.25 linear feet

John J. D'Arcy Estate records, 1.5 linear feet


Collections opened for research in 2009-2010 

Autograph Collection, 15.5 linear feet (1,280 files)

Martin J. Svaglic, PhD., papers, 6.5 linear feet

Parmly Hearing Institute records, 4.75 linear feet

Center for Urban Policy records, 1.5 linear feet

Charles I. Doyle, S.J., papers, 2.0 linear feet

Peter T. Swanish papers, 11.0 linear feet

Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations records, 9.25 linear feet

John C. Fitzgerald papers, 6.0 linear feet

Stanley Fahlstrom, M.D., papers, .25 linear feet

Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co. records, 2.25 linear feet

John O'Keefe papers, .5 linear feet

Illinois Catholic Historical Society records, 9.25 linear feet

National Catholic AIDS Network records, 21.5 linear feet

Leander Hamilton McCormick papers, .25 linear feet

John Byrne papers, 1.75 linear feet

Charles Ronan, S.J., papers, 2.25 linear feet

Office of the General Counsel records, 7.25 linear feet

Edmund Rooney papers, 8.5 linear feet


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