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Many faculty members contribute to the bioethics minor. Since most of the courses are taught in the various departments that support the minor, bioethics minors have the opportunity to study with professors from a wide range of disciplines, including biology, natural science, philosophy, sociology and theology.

The following professors currently serve as team-teachers in the minor’s capstone course:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Doering (Biology)
  • Dr. William French (Theology)
  • Dr. Terry Grande (Biology)
  • Dr. Jennifer Parks (Philosophy)
  • Dr. Victoria Wike (Philosophy)
  • Dr. Aana Vigen (Theology)
  • Dr. Dawn Franks (Biology)
  • Dr. Chris Peterson (Environmental Science)
  • Dr. Miguel Ballcora (Chemistry)


Bioethics · 1032 W. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60660

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