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Biology-Intensive Orientation at Loyola (BIOL)

student microscope Are you planning to major in the natural sciences?

Are you a pre-health student?

Do you want to get a head start on your first semester at Loyola?

Do you want to learn useful study skills that will help you throughout your entire college career?

Discover Biology through a Biology-Intensive Orientation at Loyola (BIOL)

This program is open to all incoming freshman science majors who plan to enroll in BIOL 101 for the fall semester 2012. BIOL 101 is required of all students in a science or pre-health discipline.

The Biology-Intensive Orientation at Loyola (BIOL) Program is designed to give incoming freshman biology majors the tools and strategies to succeed at Loyola University Chicago. The program includes sample content lectures and examinations for BIOL 101 (Introduction to Biology), as well as sample lab sessions from the associated laboratory course (BIOL 111). Program participants will gain important study skills and meet faculty, staff, and other students through informal sessions. The BIOL program is designed to provide students with a preview of the requirements of a BS in Biology and the pace of college academics. Spots for all BIOL participants will be reserved in a designated section of BIOL 101 for the fall semester.

Students who participated in the BIOL program at Loyola, on average, had a higher final grade in the introductory biology course for majors than did the non-participants. Although results for individual students CANNOT BE GUARANTEED, BIOL gives participants "an edge" for their freshman year at Loyola and provides them with valuable learning skills for their entire college career. (PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE INDIVIDUAL RESULTS.)

See comments from previous student participants, BIOL Students

Program Dates: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 – Saturday, July 14, 2012 (immediately following the Discover Loyola new student orientation)
Program Cost: $700, including room & board and a copy of the BIOL 101/102 textbook with supplements. The textbook and supplements are ~$200 value.  Scholarships for the program are available!
Housing Requirements: All participating students are required to live on-campus.

Students who are participating in a Learning Community and who also wish to attend the BIOL program will attend the Discover Loyola Learning Community Orientation from August 23-24, 2012. (These students will not be attending the July 9-10 Discover Loyola session, only the BIOL program that follows).

Students who are not participating in a Learning Community should plan to attend the July 9-10 Discover Loyola Orientation, followed immediately by the BIOL program. 

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If you should have any questions please contact Dr. D. M. Helfgott, or (773.508.3620).

Department of Biology
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Department of Biology
Loyola University Chicago · 1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago,IL 60660
Phone: 773.508.3620 · Fax: 773.508.3646 · E-mail:

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