Loyola University Chicago

Department of Biology

MA in Medical Sciences

Graduates of our MAMS program have a higher than average rate of acceptance into medical school programs. About 90–95% of our alumni have successfully matriculated into medical school and are excelling in their courses.


MAMS Faculty Dr. F. Bryan Pickett receives the Fall 2015 Ignatius Loyola Award for Excellence in Teaching! (Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedegogy)

MA in Medical Sciences Program

Students who are unsure if their application is complete should contact GPEM (Graduate and Professional Enrollment Management) by e-mail at gradapp@luc.edu, or by phone at 312.915.8950.

Note: our final deadline for admitted applicants to accept their admission and enroll in the program is July 15. However, due to the increase in applications to this program each year it is encouraged that highly qualified applicants complete their applications well prior to the July deadline in order to secure their seat.

Student Resources

MCAT Requirements for MAMS Admission:

  • Old MCAT: Minimum score of 25 or better.

(Oldest MCAT score considered is 3yrs prior to entrance to MAMS)

  • New MCAT: Minimum score 500 in confidence bands.