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Bridge to Loyola

Bridge to Loyola

2014-2015 Academic Year

Becoming a successful college student is not always an easy task. Greater academic competition, differences in preparation for college, and general life experiences are all elements that can affect academic performance. At Loyola University Chicago, we understand that and have developed a program specifically designed to assist students in reaching their potential as members of the Loyola community.

Bridge to Loyola is a full-year program of academic support that combines an intensive summer class, academic success workshops, specialized academic advising, seminar classes in the Fall and Spring Semesters, peer mentoring, service projects, and social activities. The program is coordinated by First and Second Year Advising and is designed to provide a supportive, individualized educational experience. This approach provides students with opportunities to strengthen their learning strategies and develop meaningful relationships with their peers, faculty, and Academic Advisors.

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Summer 2014 Program Details


Required Forms

In May, you will receive a packet from the Bridge to Loyola program. At that time, you will receive the following forms as well as instructions about how and when to complete them.


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