Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Bursar

Electronic Billing

The e-Bill is a snapshot in time of how an individual student financial account appears on the day it is generated. Loyola does not send paper bills. Students with account balances are notified monthly to review their LOCUS accounts at: www.luc.edu/locus where they also will find their e-Bills. E-Bills will be stored on your account for up to three years, providing you with convenient records to review past bills and payment information.

Access Your e-Bill

  1. Login to your LOCUS account at: www.luc.edu/locus.
  2. Click on Campus Finances.
  3. Click on View e-Bill(s) to view the Student e-Bill History page.
  4. Click on View Detail next to any of the months listed to view that month's e-Bill.

Remember: Your e-Bill is a snapshot of your account on the day we generate the statement. Payments and other changes we have received since the last e-Bill will not show up until the next e-Bill is generated. The Account Summary in LOCUS is the place to find the real-time status of your account.

View Your Account Summary

To access a real-time view of your financial account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your LOCUS account at: www.luc.edu/locus.
  2. Click on Campus Finances.
  3. Click on Account Summary By Term.

The first line, Balance for All Accounts, displays the current balance of your Loyola student account. Below that line is the breakdown of the balance for each individual term. Specific payments and charges can be located by clicking on the term name and then clicking View Account Detail.

Make a Payment

Make a payment at anytime in LOCUS by e-check or credit card. Links to the payment section can be found directly from Campus Finances and the Student e-Bill History page, as well as from the e-Bill itself. To view more payment options, click here.

Parent and Guest Access

The Parent/Guest Access feature allows you to give access to view your e-Bill to up to 9 other people. Parent/Guest Access will also allow those authorized to speak with Student Account Advisors in the Office of the Bursar about your account.

Students can set up access to their financial accounts for parents and other guests with the following steps:

  1. Login to your LOCUS account at: www.luc.edu/locus.
  2. Click on Personal Portfolio.
  3. Click on Parent/Guest Access.
  4. Click on Add Parent/Guest.
  5. Click the 'I Accept' button on the consent form.
  6. For each parent or guest, enter the person's last and first name, e-mail address and assign a password. (You may assign the same password to all those who receive proxy; or assign a different password for each.) The password is case-sensitive, must be 6 characters in length and include 2 digits. The university will assign each proxy with a Universal ID, which will be sent to each via the e-mail addresses you provided.
    *YOU are the only person who has the password(s) for those who have Parent/Guest Access, and you will need to communicate this information to them. Make certain you let them know when you have set them up with access and provide them with their password(s).
  7. Check off all three of the boxes labeled Account Summary, e-Bill,Financial Aid, and View 1098T for all Bursar services. The Discuss Academic Records option is maintained and regulated by the office of Registration and Records.
  8. Click Save.

Note that Bursar proxy access does not provide access to your grades, student judicial affairs, income or personal information.