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New Student Checklist

Office of the Bursar Checklist

Student Health Insurance

  • Full-time students are automatically billed $2,950 for Loyola's Student Health Insurance Plan. If you are covered by another health insurance plan, you may waive out of Loyola's plan. The deadline to waive out of Loyola's Student Health Insurance for the 2016-2017 school year is October 1, 2016. You may also fast-track into Loyola's health insurance plan to receive your printable insurance card.

    To waive out of / fast-track into the health insurance plan: LUC.edu/LOCUS > Campus Finances > Student Health Insurance

Refunds—Direct Deposit

  • If you're expecting a financial aid refund, we recommend signing up for "Direct Deposit." This allows the Office of the bursar to send any financial aid or overpayment refunds directly to your checking or savings account.

    The refund process for undergraduate students with an overage of financial aid takes place during the third week of the semester.

    To enroll in Direct Deposit: LUC.edu/LOCUS > Campus Finances > Refund Direct Deposit Profile

Parent/Guest Access

  • Students are able to set up parents and guests for LOCUS access. Using this, students can enable their parents/guest to view their account summary information, receive monthly e-Bills, view and create payment plans and waive out of / fast-track into Loyola's Student Health Insurance plan.

    To set up Parent/Guest Access: LUC.edu/LOCUS > Personal Portfolio > Parent/Guest Access

Entrance Loan Counseling & Master Promissory Note

Other items to consider:

Installment Plans

  • Spread educational expenses into affordable monthly installments. Enrollment dates vary, so check the payment plan schedule to see which plan fits your needs.


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