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East Coast

Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Washington, D.C.—Cost $275

The Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House is a community of hospitality and resistance focused on hospitality to low income families and advocacy for peace and justice. Explore the roots of the American non-violence movement at the D.C. Catholic Worker. This experience will happen centrally through non-violence training, public peace activism and vigils, as well as communal prayer and intentional living. Host Community: Dorothy Day Catholic Worker.

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Baltimore, Maryland—Cost $275

This alternative break immersion will focus on urban issues facing Baltimore city. Participants will explore issues of community organizing, racial justice, and immigration and refugee services.  During the week students will explore issues facing Baltimore and travel around to various neighborhoods to further understand what is happening in the city. When learning about urban poverty issues facing Baltimore, students will be educated on community organizing, advocating for your community, and discuss systemic change in the city. This ABI will work with organizations such as Our Daily Bread, Whitlock Farm, Baltimore Racial Justice Action, and St. Matthew’s Center for Immigration. 


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Mercy Center - New York City, NY—Cost $450

Mercy Center is a community center for women and their families located in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx, offering programs and services that empower women to reach their full potential and become agents of change in their families and communities. Mercy Center is truly a place of hope in the midst of a challenging environment. Students will assist with a variety of the programs going on (ESL, Citizenship Classes, Babysitting), home visits, and after school prep.  In the afternoons they will work with about 25-30 kids for an afterschool program to assist in homework, activities, and snack. Additionally, the trip will focus on the vast income gaps between residents of New York City and the structural inequality that contributes to this.  Host Community: Mercy Center, South Bronx.


Bethlehem Farm,  West Virginia—Cost $275

Bethlehem Farm volunteers base their lives on the cornerstones of prayer, community, service and simplicity and adopt sustainable practices in response to the Appalachian pastoral "At Home in the Web of Life". Bethlehem Farm, an affiliate of Nazareth Farm, provides volunteers a communal experience of Church, while working to promote social justice through the empowerment of the local community. Bethlehem Farm is a center of reflection and prayer in the service of action, inspired by the Eucharist and open to the Spirit. Join this Catholic community of volunteers (started by and consisting of Loyola graduates) dedicated to living out the Gospel and social teachings of the Church through service in the heart of Appalachia. Host Organization: Bethlehem Farm.

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Nazareth Farm, West Virginia—Cost $275

Nazareth Farm is a Catholic community in rural West Virginia that transforms lives through a service-retreat experience. We are devoted to living out the Gospel message through the cornerstones of community, simplicity, prayer, and service. We serve alongside our neighbors to address substandard housing by providing home repair. We celebrate the richness of Appalachia and experience God by building relationships between our volunteers and the local community. Host Organization: Nazareth Farm.

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Appalachia-Science In the Public Interest, Kentucky—Cost $275

A-SPI's primary goal is to make science and technology responsive to the needs of underserved communities in Appalachia. ASPI's focus is to find solutions for the increasing environmental problems through research and advocacy for public policies which favor the environment. ASPI's philosophy involves living simply in ways that are healthy for the earth and for ourselves. Students will learn about sustainable agriculture and assist in ASPI's projects. Students prepare their own meals. Host Organization: Appalachia- Science in the Public Interest (A-SPI).

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Joppa Farm, Tennessee  — Cost $275

This ABI is open to First Year Students ONLY.

Volunteers will be providing home repairs for those in need, helping meet the needs of the local Appalachian and Latino farm workers and their families, working at a local food pantry, visiting a local nursing home, and working at a residence for children at risk. This retreat-like immersion experience in Eastern Tennessee blends service, education, prayer, reflection and sharing in an environment of simple living.

Host Organization: Joppa Farm and Glenmary Missioners

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Pine Ridge Reservation - South Dakota—Cost $275

The Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota is home to the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe of Native Americans. Pine Ridge is beautiful in its rolling hills, and its spiritual and cultural heritage and yet tragic in its history of massacre, broken treaties and poverty. Students will be immersed into the unique homeland of the Lakota people, witnessing both the poverty and the hope. We will meet and work with students and teachers at Red Cloud Indian School, a Jesuit-run Elementary and High School that seeks to promote Lakota and Catholic values among the youth. In addition, students will have the chance to visit the spiritual center of the Lakota people: the Black Hills. The South Dakota ABI will be an opportunity to engage a history of injustice in our own "backyard", while growing in solidarity with a proud and hearty people used to finding joy and hope among hardship. Host Community: Pine Ridge Reservation.

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St. Labre School & Reservation - Ashland, MT—Cost $450

St. Labre School is a Roman Catholic institution devoted to providing a superior education for Native American children as well as outreach services to members of the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Tribes of southeastern Montana. Participating in this immersion allows one to learn about the culture of the tribes living in this region and assist in the service programs St. Labre integrates into their commitment to aiding the communities in achieving excellence. The programs work to better lives by providing a stable environment for children and assisting students’ families, families of military members, and the elderly with food and heating expenses.


South Side Chicago—Cost $75 - *March 5th-9th*

This half week immersion will be focused around issues of labor rights, support for those exiting incarceration, and the criminal justice system. Students will stay in Marquette Park on the South Side, work with non-profits such as the 8th Day Center for Justice, St Leo's, Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation and others to learn more about the work for reconciliation and restorative justice that's being done in Chicago. In addition to issues around the criminal justice system, this trip will also look at major labor justice issues in the city such as living wage campaigns and the Fight for Fifteen. 


Detroit, Michigan—Cost $275

May 16th-22nd

The Jeanie Wylie Community is an intentional community on the southwest side of Detroit, committed to urban agriculture, hospitality, spirituality, and nonviolent resistance. This ABI will be an opportunity to learn and work with Detroit around food justice and urban farming. In the last few decades, Detroit has become a food desert. Yet, with one third of Detroit as vacant land, gardens are breaking through the concrete. Control of food is being wrested away from corporations; people are feeding one another; space is made beautiful, communities are formed, and local economies are created. The Jeanie Wylie Community currently has a large garden, fruit trees, chickens, beehives, and is working to create a neighborhood garden by next Spring. Five out of the eight community members are graduates of Loyola University Chicago. Host Organization: Jeanie Wylie Community.

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Hubbard House, East St. Louis, IL—Cost $275

Hubbard House in East St. Louis, IL is an extension of the Catholic Urban Programs whose mission is to advance the dignity of the human person through compassionate response to human needs, advocacy for justice, and the empowerment of individuals and families to reach their full potential. Live and learn about the history and struggles of East St Louis while volunteering with members of Hubbard House during your immersion. Through advocating and discussing systematic change and serving those who serve, participants can gain a greater understanding of the issues surrounding the persistence of urban poverty.


Tantre Organic Farm - Chelsea, MI—Cost $275

Tantre Farm is a certified organic farm 20 miles west of Ann Arbor, MI. The farm sells its produce, including various fruit crops, 50 varieties of vegetables and a small variety of herbs and flowers through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, at local stores and restaurants as well as at area farmer's markets. The farm is situated on 40 acres of wetland, woods, and sandy-loam fields. Richard and Deb, along with their daughter Ariana, live on-site year round. Seasonal workers, interns and volunteers join the family at various parts of the year, living and working together. Besides a great deal of manual farm labor, this ABI focuses on broader issues of sustainability with visits to nearby natural areas, an ecology center and a recycling/re-use project. Participants should be prepared for cold weather (many layers) and physical labor (sturdy boots). The final days of this year's trip will involve a visit to the Jeanie Wyle Community in Detroit for some immersion in the urban farming scene with an intentional community consisting of Loyola alums. Host Organization: Tantre Organic Farm.

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Jerusalem Farm, Kansas City, MO—Cost $275

Jerusalem Farm is a Catholic intentional community located in Kansas City, MO. Built on the four cornerstones of Prayer, Community, Service and Simplicity we strive to transform our lives and those around us through service retreat experiences, sustainable living and home repair. Other projects may include working at a soup kitchen/food pantry, tutoring youth and any other needs in the community which have been identified by Jerusalem Farm. There will also be work each day in our kitchen and in our garden, bringing on the dialogue of hospitality and sustainability. Host Community: Jerusalem Farm.

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Marian Middle School, St. Louis, MO—Cost $275

This ABI is open to women in the LUCES program ONLY. Students on this ABI must also enroll in the 1 credit course, UNIV 102.005 in the Spring Semester.

Marian Middle School serves low income, urban adolescent girls from the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, representing over 20 different zip codes and is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by fostering comprehensive development as a foundation for college readiness. Marian is based off the NativityMiguel model of education that features an extended school day, a low student-to-teacher ratio, ensured time for one-on-one instruction, and a commitment to support their graduates through high school and guide them on to college. Students will provide mentorship, tutoring and role modeling to students at Marian Middle, while learning about the racial realities of St. Louis, empowerment in marginalized communities and reflecting on their own identity as women of color. Host Organization: Marian Middle School.

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Cherith Brook Catholic Worker - Kansas City, MO—Cost $275

Cherith Brook is a residential Christian community committed to sharing table fellowship with strangers and all our resources with one another. Their daily lives are structured around practicing the works of mercy as found in Jesus' teachings. They are committed to regularly feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, and visiting the prisoner and the sick in the name of Jesus. Cherith Brook strives to be a "school" for peacemaking in all its dimensions: political, communal, and personal, working constantly to undo poverty, racism and militarism.


Nativity Middle School - Milwaukee, WI—Cost $275

Open only to students who identify as men of color.  Students on this ABI must also enroll in the 1 credit course, UNIV 102.005 in Spring Semester.

Nativity Jesuit Middle School is the sole Catholic middle school serving Latino boys from low-income families in the heart of the growing Latino community on the south side of Milwaukee, granting the gift of a strong, faith-based, and well-rounded education to underserved Latino youth. It is a NativityMiguel model that features an extended school day, a low student-to-teacher ratio, ensured time for one-on-one instruction, and a commitment to support their graduates through high school and guide them on to college. Students will provide mentorship, tutoring and role modeling to students at Nativity Jesuit Middle, while learning about the racial realities of Milwaukee, empowerment in marginalized communities and reflecting on their own identity as men of color. Host Organization: Nativity Jesuit Middle School.

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L'Arche Daybreak —Cost $275

January 10th-16th, 2016

L’Arche communities bear witness to the reality that persons with intellectual disabilities possess inherent qualities of welcome, wonderment, spirituality, and friendship. L'Arche makes explicit the dignity of every human being by building inclusive communities of faith and friendship where people with and without intellectual disabilities share life together. Students will spend the week in the Daybreak L'Arche community in Toronto, Canada learning from and sharing life with the core members of community while doing projects as the houses need them. The Daybreak community was famously where Henri Nouwen wrote much of his spiritual writing. This unique ABI is open only to members of Christian Life Communities (CLC). A passport is needed for this ABI.

Host Organization: L 'Arche Daybreak.

West Coast

Portland, Oregon—Cost $650

This ABI is will focus on issues of homelessness and housing insecurity in Portland. Students will be hosted by Saint André Bessette Catholic Church, Portland’s Downtown Chapel, a community driven by mission that provides hospitality, healing, and hope to the most marginalized members of society. In addition, students will visit housing non-profits, family shelters and drop in centers to learn about the complexities of the issues surrounding the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness.

Host Community: St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church


Tucson / Nogales, Mexico—Cost $650

Jan 9th-16th, 2016

Through dynamic educational experiences, BorderLinks connects divided communities, raises awareness about the impact of border and immigration policies, and inspires action for social transformation. Since 1987, BorderLinks has been facilitating delegations in the Arizona-Sonora region and beyond the border to Chiapas, the Copper Canyon, Chicago, and Santa Barbara. These immersion programs offer groups the opportunity to interact with our neighbors in the U.S. and Mexico.  Our delegations visit with individuals and organizations that provide basic assistance to migrants, create community-based alternatives, advocate for just policies, and much more. You will meet with people that are directly affected by current economic and immigration policies, and you’ll be given tools and resources to work for justice.  

Host Organization: BorderLinks.

Louisville, Kentucky—Cost $275

May 16th-22nd

CrossRoads Ministries is committed to engaging young adults in an urban retreat experience based on outreach to the margins, prayer, service and bridging communities for justice. This ABI will be a guided immersion experience into inner city Louisville focusing on refugees and immigrants and will involve working with agencies that assist refugee families in entry and adjustment to the United States. Host Organization: CrossRoads Ministries.


El Salvador—Cost $1000

Jan 7th-16th, 2016

Become familiar with current social issues in El Salvador surrounding women, children and immigration and learn about the history of the civil war. You'll experience a day long home stays with families in Zaragosa, an urban community outside of the country's capitol. Visit several sites in San Salvador, commemorating the deaths of Oscar Romero and four North American churchwomen, the six Jesuits and their colleagues at the Universidad Centro Americana (UCA). Learn about the history and social concerns of urban and rural El Salvador, including the work and origins of Christian Base Communities (CBEs) and cooperative movements. Host Organization: International Partners in Mission (IPM).

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Jamaica—Cost $1000

Jan 9th-16th, 2016

Mustard Seed Communities' facility  in Montego Bay, Blessed Assurance, is home to over forty children with disabilities; ages 2 to 17 years old. Students stay at Blessed Assurance during their entire trip, providing an opportunity to establish close relationships with the children. Students will provide physical care and run educational programs with the children. Host Organization: Mustard Seed Communities 

View the photo gallery from the 2014 Jamaica ABI here 

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