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International Immersions

INTERNATIONAL IMMERSIONS allow students to encounter conditions they have previously only heard of. This could mean learning about the effects of the civil war in El Salvador, speaking with an indigenous woman about her artisan craft, or visiting a community development project.  Countries become more than places on a map, they become places where friends triumph over challenges together.

La Parroquia San Lucas Toliman: Guatemala

International Partners in Mission: El Salvador

“Solidarity is learned through contact rather than through concepts…When the heart is touched by direct experience. The mind may be challenged to change.” –PETER HANS KOLVENBACH, S.J.

  • What is an international ABI?

International ABIs provide students the opportunity to do justice, build community, keep faith, and live simply with other Loyola students while serving (sharing work) and learning in communities outside the United States.

  • Who can apply for an international ABI?

The international immersion program is open to undergraduate students. Space is limited and preference is given to students with previous domestic ABI experience or equivalent experience in service work/cultural immersion.

  • When do international ABIs take place? 

International ABIs will take place May 13-22, 2013

  • How can I apply?

Applications for May 2013 international ABIs are due October 19, 2012. Click here to submit your application.

  • Are there any courses offered in conjunction with the ABI program?

Yes. The following optional service learning course is offered in conjunction with participation in a domestic ABI. The class fulfills core value credit in civic engagement and leadership.

  • How can I get more information?

For more details Susan Haarman can be reached at 312.915.6065 and

  • How much does it cost to participate in an international ABI?

There is a cost for participation in the program. In recent years, the cost for an international immersion has been between $1000-$1500. This cost covers all transportation, lodging, most meals (except those in the airport) and a donation to the host organization. Financial assistance is available and fundraising ideas are given for each participant or ABI group to pursue on their own. All payments are non-refundable.

  • Can faculty, staff and graduate students go on immersions?

Faculty and staff may participate as university advisors with a role in leading the trip. An information session will be help in mid-September to provide information about the program and the responsibilities involved in co-leading a trip. Please contact Patrick Eccles (see contact info above) if you are interested in attending.



La Parroquia San Lucas Tolimán                


Hosted by a parish in San Lucas Tolimán (a Catholic mission organization with ties to New Ulm, MN), participants will build relationships with North American volunteers and local residents. Learn about Guatemalan history, culture, and politics, along with introductions to current social issues and conditions. Participants will observe modern liberation theology in practice and find opportunities to share work among a variety of seasonal service projects addressing community needs for infrastructure and sustainability. This trip may involve travel to other rural villages surrounding Lake Atitlán as well as larger cities in the western highlands.

International Partners in Mission (IPM)       

  El Salvador

Become familiar with current social issues in El Salvador during 3-day home stays with families in Zaragosa, in an urban community outside of the country's capitol. Visit several sites in San Salvador, commemorating the deaths of Oscar Romero and four North American churchwomen, the six Jesuits and their colleagues at the Universidad Centro Americana (UCA). Learn about the history and social concerns of urban and rural El Salvador, including the work and origins of Christian Base Communities (CBEs) and cooperative movements.

Annunciation House, U.S.-Mexico border - COST: $750

  El Paso, Texas

Annunciation House has been working in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez since 1978 operating houses of hospitality for migrants and refugees. Annunciation House is a Catholic organization that accompanies the migrant, homeless, and economically vulnerable peoples of the border region through hospitality, advocacy, and education. Participants will engage in the Border Awareness Experience (BAE) program. More than being an informational tour, the BAE seeks to immerse the participants in the border culture and realities of the many people and groups that live and work here. The food that you will eat and the conditions which you will live in are as much a part of the experience as the people and groups that you will meet.

Do Justice · Build Community · Keep Faith · Live Simply

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