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Seeking Go(o)d in All Art

 Wednesday November 12, 6-8pm in the Den

 This event stems from the Jesuit value of “Seeking God in All Things” or finding the good in all things. The intent of this gallery is to allow students to explore how and where they may find God (or good) and translate that into their art. While preparing their artwork, students may keep in mind how it is they find God (or good) in their lives and artwork. For example, a student may find God (or good) in their future profession or major and may find a way to encompass that in their artwork. This event is sponsored by the Interfaith Advocates, Campus Ministry, and Ignatian Heritage Month.


Rules/Submission Guidelines:  

Acceptable submissions can be done in the following mediums:


If you are looking to submit a piece of art in a medium other than these, please contact jrappaport@luc.edu or banderson2@luc.edu. However, if your artwork is not one of these mediums, we cannot guarantee that it will be displayed at the event.


On Wed. Nov. 5th (7-8 pm) or Thurs. Nov. 6 (5-7 pm), bring your artwork to Brian Anderson in the Damen Student Center, Campus Ministry Suite. When you drop off your artwork for submission, please bring your artist information card as well (see below).

Bio Info. on the Artists:



Materials Used:

Description of Art Piece (2-3 Sentences):

Attendance at the event is not mandatory. We recognize class and work commitments may overlap with this event. However, those who are able to attend will be given a chance to explain their submission and its meaning their life. So we highly encourage everyone to attend!


Voting and Prizes:  

There will be two awards given during this program:

People’s Choice

 The People’s Choice award will be awarded to the person who’s artwork receives the most donations (in the form of spare change). All donations will be given to Poetry Pals (www.poetrypals.org). Voting will take place between 6 and 8pm on November 12th. The winner will receive an Interfaith T-shirt.


Juried Prize

 The Juried Prize will be awarded to the piece of artwork that is rated the highest based upon our judges’ scoring. Parameters for their scores are: Connection to Jesuit Value, Creativity and Use of Materials.


The winner will receive a voucher to attend a retreat of their choice at LUREC that is coordinated through Campus Ministry.

The judges will be announced soon.

Your presence at the event will in no way impact the Juried Prize.

Winners and Honorable Mentions will have their artwork displayed in Campus Ministry following this event.



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