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Interfaith Advocate Involvement Opportunities

The Interfaith Advocate Team consists of several programmatic areas. Each area will be led by a student leader or two with a sub-committee to assist them in their goals for the year. Please read below to see what you might be interested in pursuing.

1. Social Media and Publicity (1 person with a sub-committee of 2-3 people)
Team Leader: This area has two main responsibilities: maintaining our social media platforms and publicity for our programs and events. We currently maintain a Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest account, but expansion of these is welcomed and encouraged. Writing blogs or recruiting other students to write reflections and reactions to events on campus, Chicago, the U.S., or the global communities is also a focus here.
Sub-Committee: The sub-committee for this area will assist the Team Leader in creating publicity, writing blogs, posting articles and other pertinent information on our websites.

2. Large Programs and Collaborations (2 people with a sub-committee of 4-6 people)
Team Leaders: This team will produce the major events that occur through our office and in collaboration with the various faith based student organizations. The primary events are International Day of Peace(September), Homecoming (October), Interfaith Retreat (January), and End of the Year Celebration (April). Other past collaborative events include: Rites of Passage, Interfaith Photobooth, and, Have Faith in Peace. The leaders for this team will set the vision/theme for each event.
Sub-Committee: The sub-committee will assist in the execution of these events by developing talks, researching prayers, creating small group activities, etc… As a Sub-Committee member, you are not expected to help plan every event.

3. Service Coordinator (1 person)
Team Leader: In collaboration with Community Service and Action, a small group of students will volunteer with XYZ organization (this is still to be determined). This leader is responsible for the reflection after the weekly volunteer experiences.

4. Small Group Facilitator (2 people)
Team Leaders: Each semester, this position will be coordinating a 4-6 part small group dialogue on the topic of their choosing. The goal is to engage students in reflection and conversation around a given topic and how that intersects with their faith journey. Past examples include the Dalai Lama’s book on Interfaith Engagement, and Science and Faith. The size of the group may vary but a number around 10-12 students is ideal for small group dialogue.

5. Ally Training Coordinator (2 people)
Team Leaders: These students will facilitate our Interfaith Ally Training program. This program is a 4 part series that leads students in developing their identity, developing faith/non-faith awareness, understanding their privileges, and becoming an interfaith ally to those without privilege all through the lens of faith. This program will occur each semester.

Additional Responsibilities:

Team Leaders are also responsible for:

1. Attending a weekly meeting on Mondays at 5pm.
2. Holding 1 on 1 meetings with Brian Anderson on a weekly basis.
3. Hosting 1 event each semester for all of the members within the Interfaith Program focused on professional development.
4. Supporting All Interfaith Programs.
5. Attending larger Campus Ministry Events.

Sub-Committee Members are also responsible for:

1. Attending meetings with their team leader.
2. Supporting other Interfaith programs when possible.
3. Supporting broader Campus Ministry Events.

*Contact Brian Anderson with questions at banderson2@luc.edu or (773)-508-2197


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