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Dates: August 18-21
Sponsored By: Outdoor Experiential Education, Campus Recreation
Cost: $350
For many students a Ramble Outdoors trip is one of the best experiences during their first year at Loyola  and after four years is it still one of the most memorable. Begin your Loyola experience by making  friends while taking a risk and trying something new. This trip is for those who prefer to stay in one  location and try multiple outdoor adventure pursuits. We will rock climb, sea kayak, hike and cook  gourmet backcountry meals, all while living in a sustainable way. Led by upper class students and Loyola  staff members, you will quickly make long lasting relationships and gain knowledge about Loyola that  will help you gain more confidence going into your first year. This trip is designed for those with no  outdoor experience, yet still offers excitement for the seasoned outdoor adventurer. Please download  the pre-trip information sheet for more information.
“It really boosted my self-confidence. It felt great completing the adventure and having the  opportunity to complete the hikes.”
“This experience reminded me that I should not be afraid to try new things.”
“I would recommend this trip to other students because the transition between high school and  college is difficult and it would really help you ease your way into Loyola."