Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry


Dates: August 18-21
Sponsored by: Community Service & Action
Cost: $125
Join us for a few days of learning about and serving the community you will call home in your time at Loyola! Student leaders from the Office for Community Service and Action will guide you through a fun week filled with all sorts of activities. You’ll have opportunities to volunteer at a variety of community agencies, tour the neighborhoods around campus, and reflect on how service will fit into your life as a Rambler, all while getting to know some of your new classmates and becoming masters of Chicago’s public transportation. And of course, no experience of the neighborhood would be complete without sampling some of our incredible local restaurants!  Learn more about Community Service and Action: http://luc.edu/serve/.  
“It was a great opportunity to meet new people and explore the area around Loyola.”
“The places that we visited were incredible learning experiences for me and the people that I met have proved to be invaluable friends in starting my first few days at school.”
“I would definitely recommend this experience to other students. It was a great way to step out of my comfort zone and learn a lot about Loyola.”
“This program really inspired me to continue to help others, and it opened my eyes to what is in my own backyard here in Rogers Park.”
“It was a really great way to begin my first year at Loyola.”