Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry


"By visiting various shelters across Chicago, I experienced greater understanding of the situations of those whose lives we don't normally see. This awareness has helped shape my first year at Loyola, helping me to keep those who we don't normally see in mind, and work with compassion and understanding towards others in all aspects of life."
"I am really happy with my decision to go on this retreat! It was not only though-provoking, but also a great way to meet some amazing people. I would recommend this retreat to other students because the activities are well organized and super enjoyable. You will constantly be entertained and challenged."
“It really boosted my self-confidence. It felt great completing the adventure and having the  opportunity to complete the hikes.”
“I loved my trip and would love to recommend this to anyone who is looking to try to make friends that will probably last all through college and possibly beyond."
“I loved my trip and would love to recommend this to anyone who is looking to try to make friends that will probably last all through college and possibly beyond."
“The places that we visited were incredible learning experiences for me and the people that I met have proved to be invaluable friends in starting my first few days at school.”
"It was a great way to get to know what to expect from Loyola, and make a few new friends."
"I came back to campus a new person after the LEAD retreat. I was able to quickly connect with peers and discover the leadership qualities within me."
“I would recommend this trip to other students because the transition between high school and  college is difficult and it would really help you ease your way into Loyola."
“I loved that we all went into the trip as complete strangers and left feeling like we were a family.”
“This program really inspired me to continue to help others, and it opened my eyes to what is in my own backyard here in Rogers Park.”
"I liked meeting new people and having made those connections before welcome week started. I really liked all of the activities. Usually ice breakers are not that fun but I played some I had never done before. We had a lot of free time to get to know everyone. The retreat was much different than I expected, but also much better."
"It was a great way to get out of the city and spend some time getting to know how to live without cell phones and how to survive out in the backcountry. It was also a great way to meet new friends."
"I liked how we were able to get acquainted with the Rogers Park/Edgewater community by touring, serving, and eating food from the various cultures. I also liked how the days were filled with activities, and that each of the service sites were vastly different and had tasks for 20-25 people. As an added bonus, the retreat allowed me to make a group of friends, know the campus and faculty/staff better, and reflect upon the role service plays in my life."
"I really loved this retreat! It was good to meet new people. I improved on my old leadership skills and learned new ones. These are going to be so helpful throughout college and life."
"I absolutely loved this retreat. I have done many leadership events before in and out of school. This one did a really good job of letting myself and the rest of the group explore their own part in leadership and then put it in action."