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Summer Group Fitness Schedule
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We will be offering the following classes 4/30—5/6

Saturday April 30th
11:00am Body Tone—HRC2—Richard
12:00pm Spin—Spin Room –Richard
12:30pm Zumba—HRC 2 - Dryden

Sunday May 1st
4:30PM HIIT HRC 2 –Conor
5:30PM All Abs HRC2 Conor
6:15PM Zumba—HRC2 Mary
7:30PM Spin! - Spin Room—Britanny
8:00PM Rest. Yoga— HRC1 –Cheyanne

Monday May 2nd
4:00PM Yoga—HRC1 –Mahea
4:15PM Bootcamp (45) - HRC2—Conor
5:15PM Body Tone—HRC1—Lizzie
5:30PM Yoga—HRC2—Liz T.
5:30PM Spin—Spin Room– Richard
5:45PM Syngry—Alex and Conor
6:30PM Cardio Hip Hop—HRC1—Mary
6:45PM Zumba—HRC2 Ioanna
7:00PM Syngry—Ben and Ro
7:00PM Spin—Spin Room—Lizzie
7:30PM Body Tone—WTC—Danielle
8:30PM All Abs—WTC—Danielle
7:45PM Cardio Kick—HRC 1—Richard
8:00PM Body Tone—HRC2—Mary
9:15PM Zumba—HRC2—Melanie
9:15PM Spin—Spin Room—Richard

Tuesday May 3rd
7:00AM Spin—Spin Room – Brittany
4:00PM Yoga—HRC1—Mahea
4:15PM Zumba—HRC2—Tom
5:15PM Body Tone—HRC1—Kim
5:15PM Spin—Spin Room—Lizzie
5:30PM Step—HRC 2—Christina
5:30PM Syngry—Eliza and Alex
6:30PM Yoga—HRC1 - Jamie
6:45PM Palites—HRC2 - Vaughn
6:45PM Syngry—Lizzie and Christina
7:00PM Spin—WTC—Angela
7:00PM Spin—Spin Room—Michelle
7:45PM Pilates—HRC1 Ioanna
8:00PM Zumba—HRC2—Melanie

Wednesday May 4th
11:00AM Spin—Spin Room—Eliza
12:00PM All Asb—HRC2—Lizzie
12:30PM Body Tone Ex—HRC 2—Lizzie
4:30PM TBC—HRC2—Kim
4:30PM All Girls Zumba—HRC1—Ioanna
5:45PM All Abs HRC1—Ioanna
5:45PM Spin—Spin Room—Kim
6:00PM Yoga—HRC 2—Jamie
6:15PM Hip Hop Cardio—HRC1 Mary
7:00PM Spin—Spin Room Angela
7:00PM Syngry—Ben and Ro
7:30PM GBA—WTC—Danielle
7:30PM Zumba—HRC1- Sarah
7:45PM Body Tone—HRC2—Mary
8:15PM Spin—Spin Room—Richard

Thursday May 5th
7:00AM Spin—Spin Room—Kim
11:30AM Yoga—HRC2—Nicole
4:00PM Body Tone—HRC 2-Christina
4:15PM Bootcamp (45) - HRC1—Lizzie
5:15PM Syngry—Ben and Ro
5:30PM Zumba—HRC1—Tom
5:30PM Pilates—HRC2—Ioanna
6:00PM Spin—Spin Room—Michelle
6:30PM Yoga—HRC1—Mahea
6:45PM Syngry—Lizzie and Christina
7:30PM Spin—Spin Room— Brittany
7:45PM Yoga—HRC1 Mahea
8:00PM Bootcamp (45) - HRC 2—Conor

Friday May 6th
11:00AM Spin—Spin Room—Eliza
12:00PM Body Tone—HRC 2—Eliza
1:15PM Zumba—HRC2—Ioanna
5:15PM Syngry – Alex and Conor
5:30PM Zumba—HRC1 Dryden

HRC1 Halas Lover Level
Group Fitness Studio
HRC2 Halas Upper Level
Group Fitness Studio
WTC Water Tower Campus
Group Fitness Studio
FTS Halas Lower Level
Functional Training Studio
Spin Halas Upper Level
Spin Studio

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Total Body Conditioning (TBC)—Ready for a total body make-over?  Increase your fitness level from head to toe with cardio, strength, and abs included in this 55 minute workout.

All Abs—An intense class focused on increasing the strength of the abdominal muscles!  This 25 minute class will leave you feeling the burn!

ALL GIRLS ZUMBA—This class is only for females!  Ladies come get your ZUMBA on during this 55 minute ladies only class! Ditch the workout, join the party!

Body Tone—A choreographed total body strength workout that concentrates on overloading all of the major muscle groups using weights, bands, bars, and exercise balls.

Boot Camp—This 45 minute conditioning class uses circuit training, obstacle courses, and intervals to build strength and endurance.

Guns, Buns, and Abs (GBA) —Ready to shake up your normal lifting routine? This 45 minute express class is dedicated to toning and shaping your arms, abs, and glutes! No cardio included.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)—This class is based on the Tabata training principles used to blast calories!  Each exercise is divided into 4 minute segments to torch the maximum amount of calories!  Think 4 minutes sounds easy?  Give this class a try!  Cardio and Abs included!

Hip Hop Cardio- This 55-minute cardio dance class features popular dance moves to current hip hop hits.

Pilates—Pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, this exercise method focuses on the postural muscles of the abdomen and lower back, while providing a total body workout.

Step—A cardiovascular workout using the step bench with simple and fun moves choreographed to music. Build combinations and have fun while getting a great cardiovascular workout!

SPIN!—This indoor cycling class will take you on a ride through a variety of terrains for the ultimate physical challenge!  Participants are encouraged to bring a closeable water bottle. 

Synrgy360—This dynamic class utilizes drills, circuits, and intervals on our Synrgy360 Playground.  Your instructors will use ropes, kettlebells, TRX, medballs, and more for a total body strength and cardio class.  Limit of 12 participants.

Yoga—This yoga class focuses on building strength, relaxation, and deep stretching as participants flow from one pose to next for a complete yoga practice.

ZUMBA—Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic
fitness program that will blow you away.  Ditch the workout, join the party!

Questions?  Contact April at aboulte@luc.edu