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Rock Wall

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Rock Wall Summer Hours: 

Monday - Friday  2 p.m. - 8 p.m. 
Saturday - Sunday 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

 Come Rock Out with us and reach new heights! 

The Halas Rock Wall is staffed by our own wonderful Loyola students who are there to help you have a rocking experience.  All our staff are trained in the art of rock climbing.  Providing you with all the equipment you need to climb the rock wall, our staff will assist you with outfitting, climbing safety, climbing technique, and overcoming your challenges!  The rock wall provides free rental climbing shoes, harnesses and hand chalk.

The Halas Rock Wall has two different types of climbing.  Our top-roping wall stands 35ft high and consists of three anchor systems partnered with climbing rope, and harnesses to allow you to climb as high as you would like.  Our bouldering wall reaches about 12ft and is filled with various traversing climbing routes.  Bouldering is done without a rope and harness, using a system of soft pads and spotters to descend safely.

We encourage YOU to come down to the Halas Rock Wall and challenge yourself with a fun an invigorating activity that will take you to the top!

Rock Wall 1


Rent the Rock:

If you have a Loyola group that is interested in spending time together reaching new heights and engaging in a challenging and healthy activity, contact the Rock Wall Coordinator, Patrick Croke, at pcroke@luc.edu to rent the Halas Rock Wall!  We will work with your group to schedule an experience of high quality! 

Questions?  Email Patrick Croke, Program Coordinator, at pcroke@luc.edu