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"Job Search 101" Videos

JobBound videos featuring Brad Karsh, a job advice columnist for both Yahoo! and AdAge, and author of Confessions of a Recruiting Director: The Insider's Guide to Landing Your First Job (Prentice Hall Press, 2006)

  1. Preparing for a Career Fair
  2. Five Student Resume No No's
  3. Inside the mind of the Interviewer
  4. Networking Your Way to a Job
  5. Answering the Salary question
  6. Cover Letter: A Tease Ad for Your Resume
  7. How Do You Answer the Interview Question "What Are Your Weaknesses?"
  8. Getting the Most Out of Your Internship
  9. How Facebook Could Crash Your Career
  10. Dress for Success


  •  Careers Out There - Careers Out There features inteterviews with professionals from all types of jobs sharing career advice about what their jobs are really like, how to get them and how to succeed once you're there.
  • CareerTV - videos on a wide variety of topics, along wth CareerTV show episodes. Videos are categories by Industry, Company, Location, University, Career Advice and CareerTV Show.
  • LinkedIn Grad Guide - Scroll down and click on the video. LinkedIn is the number one professional networking site for job seekers.
  • Job Search Television Network (JSTN) - New multimedia platform that provides entertaining and compelling information about career opportunities in the community. Through a unique TV news format, JSTN™ guides jobseekers to the most sought after jobs and lucrative positions in the area.

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