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    Put simply, networking is the process of gathering helpful information from a network of contacts to assist you in planning your career and in looking for jobs.  Networking is the number one way that people secure employment today.

    Networking involves:

    • Making connections with people you know, and people they know, in an organized fashion
    • Setting goals
    • Developing your people skills
    • Creating good marketing tools and habits for your job search
    • Keeping track of your contacts
    • Following up and keeping your contacts informed of your progress
    • Good communication skills, including good listening skills
    • Offering assistance in return

    Networking is not:

    • Using people.  It involves listening to and helping your contacts, as well as asking for their help with your job or career search.
    • Only for people who are well-connected to influencial contacts. In fact, sociologists have found that acquaintances, and often friends of friends, are more likely than family or friends to give individuals the assistance they are seeking.
    • Bothering people.  Most people are flattered when you ask for information and advice; everyone likes to feel like an expert.
    • Asking for a job. The purpose is to gain the information you need to plan your career, choose an industry and help with your job search.
    • Only for outgoing, extroverted people.  There are skills and strategies that anyone can learn and customize to fit their own comfort level.