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Manager Support

Coaching, Forms, Templates and Data

Student Employee Managers are a valuable group of people in the supervision, development, and co-education of Student Employees! As Student Employment continues to move into the "High Impact Learning"  category of co-curricular student endeavors, managers move into a duel role of supervisor and co-educator. To support these roles, the Student Employment Program seeks to help managers get the most out of their student employment experience.

The Student Employment Program supports Managers in a variety of ways including:

  1. Manager Coaching for recruitment, hiring, performance evaluation, and conduct;
  2. Recruitment Marketing & Communication Coordination
  3. Federal Work-Study Program navigation
  4. Resources-on-Demand (templates and forms)

Contact Kathryn Jackson, Student Employment Program Managar


Phone: 1.773.508.3553

The following PDF's are meant to enhance and support the manager experience within the context of Student Employment at Loyola University Chicago.  If you would like to customize one of the Templates or Forms below, please contact the Student Employment Manager for an editable version.




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