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Marketing Your Position

Marketing To Students = High Tech + Grass Roots + Timing!

There are many ways the Student Employment Program can assist your hiring efforts--which begin with marketing your positions. This support includes coaching, direct marketing, and resource sharing. Students, like any other "consumer" population, respond to various marketing techniques--this needs to be considered when you are posting your open job position.  You want the "perfect" student and they want a job that they understand and feel they can succeed within. 


The Student Employment Program Manager provides support for developing skills-based position descriptions, hiring timelines, recruitment strategy, etc. There are many "best practices"  that managers can familiarze themselves with in order to improve the marketing (and response) to job postings:

  • Students want to read a brief but descriptive position description...
  • Describing where the work is, what attire is expected, and the hourly wage is critical...
  • Information such as mission/vision statements or strategic plans shared prematurely is often overwhelming to a potential applicant...
  • Extremely long lists of desired skills, when not summarized or distilled into sub-sets, can accidentally send a message that the average student is NOT qualified for the position, which is often not the case but can drive away applicants...
  • Telling the student some of the skills that will be earned in the position in addition to just asking for certain skill sets begins to help the student understand how he/she will grow in your job...

Direct Marketing

The CEL uses numerous student-centered communication strategies, a combination of high-tech and grass-roots, to reach the greatest number of interested students. Once you post your position, we work with the Career Develop Center to get it approved and marketed!  During the Fall and Spring semesters, we promote positions on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and our website. We also utilize many "classic" direct marketing strategies including email blasts, tabling, and, when appropriate, paper media (i.e. flyers & posters).  Please note: The CEL cannot assume responsibility for marketing design or production.

Resource Sharing

To help all managers make the most of their recruitment, resources are provided for sharing including Position Description Templates. To view those, please review our "Manager Support" web page.

For assistance with your hiring process, contact Kathryn Jackson, Student Employment Manager today. 

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