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Student Employment Work-Study


Employment Transforms!

"I work in the College of Arts and Sciences Deans Office. So I get to help all of the juniors and seniors with their advising needs in hopes of getting them one step closer to graduation. I think my favorite part of my job is after all the craziness that happens during graduation season, I actually get to work the ceremony itself! It's exciting and a really great experience."

--Maya Wilkins, Student

Student Employment Makes An Impact!

Student Employment provides opportunities for students to learn employability, leadership, communication, and organizational skills as well as self-efficacy--and that's just with the first job!  New work-place disciplines are often carried into competitive internships and eventually, full-time endeavors.  Employment can literally transform a college experience and a person!  There are many ways student employment transforms students and the student experience at Loyola. 

What are Student Employees doing to transform themselves and their community?

  • Civic Engagement: Annually, 1 in 10 primary election presincts throughout out Chicago had a Loyola student employee working to support it.

  • Building Capacity: In 2011, a student employee interning at Sacred Heart Academy helped their HR department hire 70 more Federal Work-Study students into tutoring & coaching jobs for elementary children. 

  • Improving Lives: Student Employees comprise the Personal Training Staff at Halas Recreation Center contributing to the shared investment in the success of Halas and it's members.

  • Community Development Through Enterprise: Loyola Limited opened 4 new businesses in Roger's Park completely staffed by student employees. These businesses contribute to the economic development of the community as well as the skills and experience of the students employees working at each business!

  • Mentoring Youth: 32 undergraduate students tutored elementary children at SWIFT Elementary (CPS) in Rogers Park, enabling progress and capacity within our youth.

"...My Federal Work Study job is at EdgeAlliance, a non-profit that provides housing for individuals and families living with aids, and soon homeless veterans. Every year we plan Dining Out For Life Chicago, which is part of the nations largest HIV/AIDS fund raiser by the same name. My job is helping plan this important event, and day to day operations at the firm. I'm really happy to be a part of such an important program, and working there is really helping me grow as an individual."

 --CBFWS Student Worker, Spring 2012


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