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Student Employment Work-Study


Reflection & Learning

Learning is accomplished, not simply by doing, but rather by reflecting on what one has done.

Reflection requires taking time after your work is completed to actively think about/write about/process the experience in terms of personal insights, community issues, and the academic objectives of the course. 

Reflection activities invite you to consider  goals as professionally and/or personally community-oriented people (e.g., what would it mean to be "socially responsible accountant," "a community biologist," or a "civically minded parent"? This happens while blogging, writing essays, classroom discussion, meditation, dialogue in class or with peers, etc.

Reflection activities are designed to facilitate exploration of self, community and issues which is why they are almost always incorporated into any internship seminar and/or service-learning course. 

The model to the right illustrates the reflective process as it applies to Student Employment, or any other style of experiential learning.  Look at it and ask yourself if you've ever experience that process during a journey perhaps through a first job or your first year of college. 

For an interactive demonstration of how reflection works, click here!  




Image: Kolbs reflective model.  

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