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Viki Dang

Title/s: Career Peer

Office #: Sullivan 255

Phone: 773.508.7716

E-mail: careercenter@luc.edu


Tell us about yourself:
I’m a senior majoring in Biochemistry.

Why did you apply to be a Career Peer?
I wanted to be a Career Peer because I was interested in helping other improve themselves. I wanted to help others showcase themselves in the best light possible and celebrate their experiences.

Being a Career Peer taught me that everything isn’t always what it is. I’m not just doing a job, but I’m developing a set of skills that I could contribute to another experience of my life. I’ve learned to look at things “from the outside looking in” and understand how I can apply my experiences in a way that will push me forward and make me unique.

What do you like most about working with students?
When working with students, both online and in person, I do what I can to make sure they understand the changes on their resume or cover letter. I know that I’m doing something right when a student resubmits their resume and it’s perfect. That might be one thing that I look forward to when working with students.

Career Tip:
Your resume is what is going to get you in the door to the interview, but the interview is how you’re going to get the job or not. When answering questions in an interview, you want to make sure that your answers pertain to the position you’re applying for. You don’t want an answer that’s too long or too short, but you want one that actually answers the question and showcases your skills. You want to leave the interview letting the interviewer know that you’re the best candidate.


Career Development Center · Sullivan Center for Student Services · 6339 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60660
Mailing Address: 1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: 773.508.7716 · E-mail: CareerCenter@luc.edu

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