Applications for Funding

Course Development

CCIH encourages faculty in all schools and departments to develop undergraduate and graduate courses concerned with or connected to Catholic thought. A stipend is offered to faculty who develop these new courses during the summer.‌

Course Development Funding Application

Research Projects

CCIH provides year-long research project funding to faculty for either individual or group research projects concerned with or connected to Catholic thought. The project goal is normally a published text, a work of art or literature, or a film, but can also include an organized conference or a team taught course. For details on research team support and project design ideas, faculty should contact the Center.‌

Faculty Research Funding Application

Undergraduate Research Fellowship

CCIH, in support of the Catholic Studies Minor, is funding a one-year fellowship to undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in the Catholic Studies Minor program. This fellowship is dedicated to support for CCIH funded faculty research projects as well as CCIH’s international research projects. Students submit completed applications online through the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP) by March 1.