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Catholic Minds, Catholic Matters Lecture

Vatican Observatory, photo credit Dr. B.Murphy, LUC

Catholic Minds, Catholic Matters Lecture Series

A lecture by Fr. Paul Mueller, S.J., Vatican Observatory

Tuesday, September 17, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
McCormick Lounge, Coffey Hall, Lake Shore Campus
Open to students, faculy, staff and general public

A creative tension between science and faith is daily fare for Fr. Mueller and for the entire research staff of the Vatican Observatory. In his lecture, Fr. Mueller will explore a belief which is fundamental for all the Abrahamic religions: the belief that the human race is at the center of God's love and concern.  Modern science has shown that the human race has been in existence for only a brief span of time, in a small and unremarkable corner of a universe which is unimaginably large and extraordinarily old.  From a scientific perspective, it seems methodologically pernicious, morally presumptuous, and just plain contrary to reason to believe that the human race is of cosmic importance, or that it has been chosen above all others by the God of the universe.  Fr. Mueller will propose a creative re-framing of this issue.  He'll explore a way of thinking about the (alleged) cosmic importance of the human race which avoids scientific and moral objections and which opens new paths for progress in science and in faith.

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