Center offers New Programs

Bosco Greeting

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year, 2013! The Hank Center has a number of events this coming semester. Besides our established colloquia, luncheons, films, and lectures, I would like to tell you about a couple of new programs.  

The first one is The Cardinal Newman Lecture. The lecture is named after the great 19th century English prelate who wrote so movingly about his intellectual journey toward Roman Catholicism in his spiritual autobiography, Apologia pro vita sua (1864). Newman's work helped later generations of Catholics and Catholic converts map out ways to understand the datum of religious faith in light of the contemporary issues facing modern life. Honoring this engagement with the Catholic tradition, CCIH will invite scholars to recount their own discovery (or rediscovery) of the Catholic intellectual heritage in light of their ongoing scholarship. On February 12, Dr. James Garbarino, the Maude C. Clark Chair in Humanistic Psychology at Loyola University, will give the inaugural lecture.

Another addition to programming is the Catholicism and the Arts Series. This spring we welcome the renowned opera diva, Delia Surratt, for our inaugural program. Based in Rome, Ms. Surratt has performed on countless stages around the world and is a consummate teacher of opera and voice at music conservatories in and around Rome. While here she will offer a public lecture called "Unleashed Emotion: Opera's Transformation of Sacred Music" on March 13, and grant us a performance on March 14.

We hope that you can join us for both of these events and the many other programs we will be offering. Our first event of the semester, "Jesuits and Sports," occurs January 31. See below for more information.

All good things,

Dr. Mark Bosco, S.J.