A New Collaboration with Cudahy Library

The Catholic Studies Program emphasizes scholarship, creativity, and community. Each of these is enhanced through the pursuit of information. Scholarship is enriched when it engages quality information published in journals and books by respected scholars and authors. Creativity is inspired by images, sounds, and archival materials. Community is nourished by meeting outside the classroom with other students and professors in the library and Information Commons. The possibilities are endless. This semester Catholic Studies Program started a new collaboration with Cudahy Library to assist students in pursuing their academic goals.

Catholic Studies subject librarian Jane P. Currie is always happy to share ideas or help coordinate students research. She also works as a reference specialist for Classical Studies, Islamic World Studies, Philosophy, Theology, and Women's Studies & Gender Studies. 

Do not hesitate to contact her at 

Another great resource  is the the Catholic Studies tab in the Theology and Religious Studies Research Guide. 

It is a curated list of resources especially well-suited to Catholic Studies. Click here to learn more.