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Center for the Human Rights of Children

Spring 2009 Faculty Fellowship

Dr. Noah W. Sobe - Faculty Fellow, Spring 2009

Dr. Noah W. Sobe was awarded a Faculty Fellowship from the Center for the Human Rights of Children in the Spring of 2009 to complete a project examining the evolution of children's rights in Central/East Europe over the past two decades.  Dr. Sobe, an Assistant Professor in the Cultural and Educational Policy Studies program in the School of Education, prepared individual country case studies that highlighted the major features of the pre-1989 Central/East European education systems as well as what has changed in the past two decades.  He focused on changes in education-related legislation, particularly as they pertain to the rights and treatment of minority and immigrant groups as well as disabled students within school systems.

In the Spring of 2009, Dr. Sobe traveled to Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary for a two week research trip.  Subsequently, Dr. Sobe presented his research at the 13th Annual Conference for the Systematic Study of School Books in Belgrade, Serbia.

For more information about Dr. Sobe and his research, please see his homepage.


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