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Center for the Human Rights of Children

Student Research Fellowships

CHRC Student Fellowships are intended to facilitate involvement of students in collaborative research projects with community-based organizations, child rights activists, legal providers, businesses and the government.  Through their research and projects, our fellows have worked to improve the policies that surround children's rights.  In addition, our fellows have worked to address the issues child trafficking victims face throughout the world.  A fellowship with the CHRC is a great way to develop a foundational understanding of the world of child trafficking and the legal policies, in addition to getting involved in the community.

The following are the projects conducted by CHRC Student Fellowships:


Jeanne Murray, 2014: Health & Human Rights

Jade Gary, 2014: Child Trafficking

Hannah Green, 2014: ChildRight New York

Shana Scott, 2014: Advancing Healthy Homes, Healthy Communities

Anne Wildman, 2013-2014: Orphan and Vulnerable Children Project

Kristen Okrzesik, 2013-2014: Orphan and Vulnerable Children Project

Angela Inzano, 2011-2012: Human Trafficking Cook County Report

Natneal Moges, Angus Ni, Yulia Fradkina, Ashley Van Zelst, Maria Pellegrini, Catherine Lee, 2012: Immigrant Children's Rights Alternative Report

Amy Gilbert, 2011-2012: Global Children's Rights







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