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Web Clean-Up Day, May 22

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Anybody with web responsibilities should register.

I don't currently have access to my site. Can I still participate?
Yes. Even if you can't login to T4 or Serena Collage or haven't yet been trained, you can still go through your web site and help identify content that is out of date. You can make a list of changes that need to be updated immediately and send that to your project manager on the Web Team. You can also try navigating to your site through different pathways starting at the Loyola home page and note any broken links. You can perform keyword searches to see if the most relevant pages are coming up in the results. You can check on your department's social media assets in YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to make sure they are being fully utilized and contain the most up-to-date information. 

I'm not going to be available on Web Cleanup Day. Can I still participate?
You should consider delegating your cleanup responsibilities to someone else in your department. If that's not possible, mark a day on your calendar in the next two weeks where you will be able to do a cleanup. We will also be holding another cleanup day after the Fall Semester -- but don't wait 'til then to refresh your content -- cleanups should be done on an ongoing basis. 

I keep my site pretty tidy as it is. Do I still have to participate?
Well, if you're available, you should participate, and there is always something that can be improved. There may be hidden files hanging out on our server that you can't see in Terminal Four/Serena. By registering, the Web Team will be prompted to go through your site and get rid of those old files. 

If you're having problems finding things to improve, you may consider asking somebody else -- a colleague in your department, a student, or even someone from another department -- to take a look at your content and make suggestions on how it could be better. You can also go through other related departments' sites and make sure that they are linking to your department's resources appropriately. 

Will the results of Web Cleanup Day be announced?
Yes, there will be an article on the ILWeekly blog (blogs.luc.edu/ilweekly) and a report will be made to the President's cabinet.


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