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Carl A. Grant

Professor, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Carl A. Grant (MEd ’62) is Hoefs-Bascom Professor of Teacher Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His scholarship and research interests include curriculum and pedagogical development in multicultural democratic education for educators, educational policy and practices in urban spaces, and arguments on social justice and human rights in national and international settings. Professor Grant has been a Fulbright Scholar and visiting scholar at the University of Georgia, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Washington. He lectures in front of both national and international audiences.

Professor Grant has written or edited more than 35 books and published 100 journal articles and reviews. Over 75 of his works have been published as chapters in books.

In 1993, he was elected president of the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME) and was re-elected for five consecutive years as one of the foundation pillars. NAME has a growing number of international chapters and is recognized for the development and growth of multicultural education throughout the world. The organization has named its annual research award after him. In addition, NAME has presented several awards to Professor Grant, including the Multicultural Educator Award and the 2001 Outstanding Book of the Year award for Global Construction of Multicultural Education.

In 2009, Grant was inducted as an American Education Research Association (AERA) Fellow. He served as editor of the Review of Education Research (1996–1999) and chair of the AERA publication committee (2003–2006), and he was a founding member of the AERA special interest group known as the Critical Examination of Theories of Race, Class, and Gender.

Professor Grant has received the AERA Division B Social Context of Education Mentoring Award, the AERA Social Justice Award, and the American Education Research Association’s Distinguished Scholar Award. In 2011, he was elected vice president of Division B, Curriculum Studies.

Professor Grant’s most recent publications include The Moment: Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, and the Firestorm at Trinity United Church of Christ with Shelby Grant (2013); Intercultural and Multicultural Education with Agostino Portera (2011); Teach! Change! Empower! (2009); Beyond Pedagogies of Exclusion in Diverse Childhood Contexts (2009); a six-volume set on the History of Multicultural Education edited with Thandeka K. Chapman (2008); and Doing Multicultural Education for Achievement and Equity with Christine E. Sleeter (2006). Several of Professor Grant’s books have been translated and published in Japanese and Korean.

Professor Grant exemplifies the tenets of Jesuit leadership in his commitment to excellence and promotion of justice in education.


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