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Senior Class Gift

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Dear fellow seniors,

Thank you in advance for your senior class gift. You are welcome to allocate your gift to any aspect of Loyola that has been important to you. Some ideas are a specific school, major, club, sport, study abroad experience, honoring a favorite professor, or the Senior Class Gift Fund. The Senior Class Gift Fund supports students that face financial difficulties during their final year. Your gift will help current and future students have the same incredible experiences you have. Furthermore, your gift is a great way to live and celebrate the Jesuit tradition of generosity. All senior donors will receive a donor pin and recognition in the commencement program. We have given our senior gifts and can't wait for you to join us in supporting Loyola.

Thank you,

Mario and Nicole

Make Your Gift Now

Visit LUC.edu/seniorgift to join your class and make your gift of $20.15 today.

Reasons to Support

Giving back to Loyola means you're celebrating generosity. Thousands of alumni have given back so you could have updated technology, beautiful places to study, and generous scholarships!

Increase the value of your degree! You will become an alumnus in May and your participation will count toward our alumni giving participation rate in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. Your gift helps maintain and improve Loyola's placement.

Tuition only covers 74% of the cost to educate one student. The remaining 26% is covered by Loyola's generous donors. Pay it forward!

You will be awarded a Senior Donor Pin to wear on your graduation gown.

Senior Donor Pin

The pins are awarded to those seniors that made a senior gift of $20.15 or more. They may be worn on your graduation gown. Keep an eye on your inboxes and the All Things Senior Facebook page for more information on where to pick up your pin.

Honor Roll 2014*

*Gifts of $20.14 more

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