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Shuttle Sign Brings Safety to WTC

Shuttle Sign

Upon the return of the Spring semester, students, faculty, staff and neighbors may have noticed the brand new permanent shuttle loading zone sign at the southwest corner of Wabash and Pearson Street. This little addition to Wabash is already making loading safer and more effective, and Sister Jean Schmidt gives it two emphatic thumbs up.
It is hard to believe that something so simple, and needed, could take nearly two years, the continuous help of the Alderman, Chicago Department of Transportation, a city liaison, and countless meeting, emails and phone calls from Community Relations to accomplish.
This small sign has helped to alleviate congestion caused by standing vehicles who obstruct the parkway. Often, these drivers intend to run in purchase items from local businesses.  However, these drivers unintentionally create difficulty for buses to access the curb lane which causes students to load or unload in the street and causes congestion through the intersection at Pearson.
Sister Jean, who faithfully monitors the loading and unloading of students, would often personally ask vehicles to move if she noticed the driver was present. As polite and sweet as she is, no one dare refuse her request.
The new sign makes a much needed impact with fewer cars attempting to stand there. According to Summur Roberts, director of Community Relations, "We are so thankful to Alderman Brendan Reilly, his staff and our contacts at the City for moving this forward, and to Sister Jean for her unwavering commitment to the safety of our students!"


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