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Sign Petition, Save Federal Financial Aid for Students

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In response to impending budget cuts to the federal student aid program, the entire Loyola community has been called upon to advocate for continued access to financial aid opportunities. Loyola is now recruiting all allies in this fight to save student aid by signing an electronic petition.

Philip Hale, Vice President of Government Affairs for Loyola University Chicago, recently released a statement on the impending budget cuts.

“There is a very real possibility that federal financial aid programs, such as Pell Grants and federal student loan benefits, may be severely cut.  The ‘Super Committee’ that is looking at how to reduce the nation's debt is considering cuts, and many members of Congress are also giving serious consideration to cutting back federal financial aid in next year's budget for FY12,” Hale said.

“There is a very real possibility that federal financial aid programs, such as Pell Grants and federal student loan benefits, may be severely cut,” said Hale. “At Loyola University Chicago, more than 3,000 students—roughly one-third of all undergraduates—receive Pell Grants. In total, federal financial aid, including both grants and loans, generates more than $200 million for Loyola students each year.”

In an effort to rally support for continued funding, a group of dedicated students has recently founded a Loyola chapter of the Student Financial Aid Alliance (SFAA), a national non-profit group committed to fighting for the preservation of federal aid.

“The Student Aid Alliance is asking the entire higher education community of students, staff, and faculty to sign a petition in support of federal financial aid,” said Hale. “We are very much hoping to get everyone at Loyola engaged in this effort.”

The petition will then be presented to the Super Committee in Congress as proof that funding higher education is an incredibly significant issue not only to students, but also faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors, and more. To date, more than 3,900 members of the Loyola community have signed the petition.

Maggie Meza, a senior double-majoring in international studies and political science, works under Phil Hale in Government Affairs and also leads the Loyola chapter of SFAA. Meza explained how these cuts could affect the Loyola community.

“Saving funding for government financial aid ensures socioeconomic diversity on campus. Economic diversity brings varied opinions to the classroom that enhances everyone's learning experience,” said Meza.

“Loyola University Chicago currently has the most signatures out of all colleges and universities in the nation. We have one more week to add signatures to the petition and hope that many more students, faculty, and staff will support federal financial aid.”

Please visit www.luc.edu/savestudentaid to sign the petition. 


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