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Eat at Water Tower Campus: James Records Returns

Loyola Neighborhood News: Water Tower Campus - V3, I3

Hey everyone!  It’s me James, your favorite Loyola student back for another addition of “$25 a Day”, and I could not have asked for a better day to be out and about around the Water Tower Campus. It is only 9:30 am, and it is already almost 40 degrees in January.

It may be warm outside but that does not change the fact that I need my morning coffee so I stepped into the Goddess and Grocer on Delaware and Wabash to grab a little something. It is a deli style place with glass cases full of food to order with a little sitting area in the back. They had a variety of freshly made breakfast items, but the customer next to me was talking about their amazing lunch items like twice baked potatoes and grilled asparagus. I had a big dinner the night before so I wanted a little something but nothing substantial, so I had one of their scones with bacon in it and a medium house coffee. The coffee was rather tasty and so was the scone, a little on the dry side but it had bacon in it so it had that already won me over. For $3.65, I was able to fill my belly and get my coffee. I’d say that is a no brainer.

The Goddess and Grocer, 25 E. Delaware Place

After slaving away in the office for a while, I started to work up an appetite. I had a taste for a good authentic Italian sandwich to satisfy my hunger so I went to L’Appetito next to the John Hancock building. The place screams “authentic Italian”.  I went with a buddy to lunch and he kept saying that this reminded him of the restaurants in Rome. L’Appetito has pasta, pizza, sandwiches, salads, and a lot more. I was able to grab a foot long classic Italian for $6.00.   With chips and a drink, it came to be just under $10. Having my share of Italian sandwiches this could easily go up there with some of the best. The sandwich was filling enough that I could have done without a bag of chips but all in all it was a very satisfying lunch.

L'Appetito, 875 N. Michigan Avenue

Heading home from work I was still feeling good from my sandwich so I wanted something a little more on the lighter side. I was craving hummus and rice, so I decided to go to El Souk off State and Chicago. For just under $10 dollars I got their Chicken Kabob plate that comes with rice hummus and a very delicious cucumber salad. However, I saw that if I would have come for lunch that this exact same meal would have been $2 cheaper, so that is something to keep in mind the next time I’m craving hummus. The chicken plate definitely did the trick; the cucumber salad was light and refreshing, the hummus was flavored just like I wanted, and the chicken was rather juicy but not to filling. El Souk was the right call but I think next time I am coming for lunch.


El Souk, 808 N. State Street

So for under $25 I was able to fill up on worldly cuisines without breaking the bank. All of these places had a wide variety of food that I plan on trying in the future. See you all next time!




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