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Copyright Clearance Program

The owner of a copyrighted work has the exclusive right to duplicate and distribute the copyrighted material.

Copyrighted work includes tables, charts, graphs, maps, designs, illustrations and photographs as well as written work. It should be assumed that the creation of an anthology, or course pack, is not fair use. Therefore, permission from the copyright owner must be obtained. An instructor may give Loyola University permission to copy his or her own written work if the instructor controls the rights. Otherwise, permission must be obtained from the publisher. Including copyrighted materials within course packs without permission from the copyright owner may lead to civil and criminal penalties. Publishers are very aggressive in policing the use of their materials.

In order to assist instructors in obtaining permission to duplicate and distribute copyrighted materials, the Department of Printing Services established the Copyright Clearance Program in 1991. Program staff seek the necessary permissions from the authors/publishers and then prepare course packs from the materials provided by faculty. Program offices are located in the Copy Centers at both Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses.

Copyright clearance services are provided free of charge. However, certain procedures need to be followed to obtain a successful result:

    Complete a Copyright Permission Form

    Notice that the completed form on page 2 is in fact a letter from the faculty member to the publisher seeking permission to sell the material to students and/or to place the material on reserve at the library. A blank form is available in this booklet or can be obtained at the Copy Centers. Please print clearly or type the information, provide one form for each magazine, newspaper article or book, and submit the master copy of the material with the completed form. Information needed to complete this form includes:

    Publisher Contact Information

    1. Reference Number

      • Assigned by staff

    2. Check one or both

      • Course Pack Material

      • Reserve Material (same form is used for both)
    3. Publisher Information
      For this information refer to the copyright notice as well as any acknowledgment pages in the work.
      • Name of publisher is required.
      • Publisher address, fax and phone number. The information for major domestic publishing houses is in our data base. If material is taken from obscure or foreign sources, please provide as much information as possible.
    4. Material Information Complete this section as thoroughly as possible. Missing information will delay publisher's response.
      • Copyright Date is mandatory. Publisher will return request without it.
      • ISBN/ISSN numbers expedite research.
      • Materials to be copied
        Exact material to be used, including amount, page numbers, chapters, figures and illustrations to be used is mandatory. In our experience, publishers do not allow copying of more than 10% of any copyrighted work that is currently in print.
      • Number of copies
        Estimate class size. Enrollment will be verified before production. Base volume on last year's class size, consult with the bookstore or Lake Shore or Water Tower Copy Center which have a current enrollment listing. Please be as accurate as possible when determining the number of course packs that you order. The bookstore returns a large portion of packets each year due to overestimated volume. The University is required to reimburse the bookstore for all returns.
      • Course Title/Number/Semester
        Provide department course title, course number and semester that the material will be required. Permission is granted for one-time use only. A new request must be submitted for use of the same material each semester.
    5. Requested Use of Material (check one or both)
      • Material to be sold to students
      • Library reserve material
    6. Campus Location (check one)
      • Check either Water Tower or Lake Shore Campus. Note that Lake Shore Campus Copy Center also services faculty from Mallinckrodt and Medical Center Campuses.
    7. Signature of Faculty Member
    TIMETABLE It can take as long as six weeks to get permission from publishers or authors. Consequently, we recommend that the Copyright Permission Form be submitted as follows:

    Schools using the semester system (i.e. Law School)

    • June for Fall Semester
    • October for Spring Semester
    • February for Summer Semester
    Schools using the quarter system (i.e. Graduate School of Business)
    • June for Fall Semester
    • September for Winter Quarter
    • December for Spring Quarter
    • March for Summer Quarter
    PUBLISHER INFORMATION Providing complete publisher information will assist our staff in obtaining a successful and timely result. The examples below illustrate ways publisher information can be listed.

    Submit the completed Copyright Permission Form along with a Printing Services Requisition Form (see enclosed) and the materials to be duplicated to the Copy Center at Lake Shore or Water Tower Campus.

    Course Pack originals are to be prepared on 8 1/2" x 11" white paper with printing evenly centered. Please provide clear, clean originals. Please avoid black borders by closing the lid on your copier and/or enlarging the copy to fit the sheet (see page 7). Pages should not be prepared using tape, staples or glue. Number the pages to insure that they are in the correct order and will remain in the correct order. Prepare and include a table of contents.

    The Copy Center must include a credit line on all copyrighted material included in each course pack. The person who created the work and the publishing company who gave permission to reproduce the work must be properly identified. A credit line should have the book's title, article/chapter title, the author's name, the copyright year, and the publishing company name.

    Before the process of duplicating your course material begins, a Printing Services' staff member will send a status report confirming the articles to be included in each course pack including royalty fees and duplicating fees. If permission is denied, you will be informed that the work will be removed from the course pack. After your review, you may decide to reduce the cost of the course pack by limiting some material.

    The Copy Center maintains files of all forms, correspondence, invoices and record of payment pertaining to each publisher contacted regarding your course pack. We also keep a copy of the original material on file to make additional copies when requested. At the end of the semester the copy center will return the originals to the professors unless otherwise instructed.

    Direct students to the Loyola University Bookstore to purchase the course pack.

    Once the permissions are granted, the course pack materials are duplicated, priced and delivered to the bookstore. The price of each course pack is determined by the cost of royalty fees, duplicating costs and the bookstore's handling fee. Generally publishers charge between $.12 and $.50 per page per copy. If the work that you are requesting is out of print, the charge may be higher.

    Faculty will be notified when permissions are granted so that those materials which are to be placed on reserve can be picked up by the faculty and delivered to the library. Note that the library does require that faculty submit a Library Reserve Request Form along with the material to be placed on reserve.

Thank you for your cooperation with Loyola University's Copyright Clearance Program. Questions can be directed to:

Lake Shore Campus Copy Center
Centennial Forum, Lower Level,
Fax # 773-508-7744
John Hoehn, 773-508-3767

Water Tower Campus Copy Center
837 N. State Street
Latoya Green, 312-915-6143.
Fax #312-915-6447


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