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University Core Curriculum Transition Guide

This is a list of courses that can fulfill a Knowledge Area requirement if completed prior to Fall Semester 2005. Courses titles re listed by Knowledge Area.

College Writing Seminar

  • ENGL106- Writing II
  • ENGL209- Writing Practicum

Artistic Knowledge or Experience

  • CLST306- Introduction to Greek Art
  • CLST307- Introduction to Etruscan and Roman Art
  • CMUN101- Public Speaking and Critical Thinking
  • CMUN146- Community Radio Production
  • CMUN222- Introduction to Cinema
  • CMUN235- Introduction to Video Production
  • CMUN238- Introduction to Audio Production
  • CMUN260- Cinema History
  • CMUN271- Reporting and Writing
  • CMUN323- Film Genre
  • CMUN324- Film Genre
  • ENGL310- Advanced Writing
  • ENGL317- The Writing of Poetry
  • ENGL318- The Writing of Fiction
  • FNAR-Any Course in Fine Arts
  • INDS201- Arts and Democratic Society
  • MUSC101- Music: The Art of Listening
  • MUSC102- Class Piano for Beginners
  • MUSC104- Gospel Choir
  • MUSC105- Orchestra
  • MUSC106- Guitar Ensemble
  • MUSC107- University Chorus
  • MUSC108- Liturgical Choir
  • MUSC109- Wind Ensemble/Jazz Band
  • MUSC282- Applied Music: Guitar
  • MUSC283- Applied Music: Organ
  • MUSC284- Applied Music: Piano
  • MUSC285- Applied Music: Voice
  • THTR- Any Course in Theater

Historical Knowledge

  • CLST308- A History of Rome to Constantine
  • CLST309- Greece to Alexander the Great
  • ENGL279- Medieval Culture
  • HIST- Any Course in History
  • HONR101- Developments in Western Thought I
  • HONR102- Developments in Western Thought II

Literary Knowledge or Experience

  • CLST- Any Course in Classical Studies
  • CMUN125- Oral Interpretation of Literature
  • ENGL- Any English Literature Course
  • FREN270- Main Currents in French Literature I
  • FREN271- Main Currents in French Literature II
  • GREK275- Introduction to Greek Oratory
  • GREK281- Introduction to Greek Historiography
  • GREK285- Introduction to Greek Poetry
  • HNDI270- Main Currents in Hindi Literature I
  • HNDI271- Main Currents in Hindi Literature II
  • HONR101- Developments in Western Thought I
  • HONR102- Developments in Western Thought II
  • ITAL270- Main Currents of Italian Literature I
  • ITAL271- Main Currents of Italian Literature II
  • LATN271- Introduction to Roman Prose
  • LATN272- Introduction to Roman Poetry
  • LATN283- The Age of Caesar
  • LATN284- The Age of Augustus
  • LATN286- The Age of Nero
  • LATN287- The Age of the Flavians
  • LATN288- The Age of Antonines
  • LITR- Any Literature Course
  • SPAN270- Main Currents of Spanish Literature I
  • SPAN271- Main Currents of Spanish Literature II

Quantitative Literacy

  • CHEM213- Quantitative Analysis
  • CHEM215- Elementary Quantitative Analysis
  • COMP125- Introductory Programming
  • COMP150- Introduction to Computer Science
  • COMP170- Structured Programming
  • CRMJ315- Criminal Justice Research
  • CRMJ316- Criminal Justice Statistics
  • CRMJ407- Statistics
  • CRMJ409- Criminal Justice Research Methodology
  • MATH108- Finite Mathematics
  • MATH117- College Algebra
  • MATH118- Precalculas
  • MATH131- Elements of Calculus I
  • MATH147- Mathematics for Teachers I
  • MATH148- Mathematics for Teachers II
  • MATH161- Calculus I
  • PHIL274- Knowledge and Reality: Logic
  • STAT103- Fundamentals of Statistics

Philosophical Knowledge

  • CLST304- History of Ancient Philosophy
  • CRMJ350- Philosophical Foundations of Criminal Justice
  • CRMJ412- Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • HONR101- Developments in Western Thought I
  • HONR102- Developments in Western Thought II
  • PHIL- Any Course in Philosophy
  • PLSC100- Politics

Scientific Literacy

  • ANTH101- Human Origins
  • ANTH103- Biological Background for Human Social Behavior
  • ANTH104- Humans and Natural Environment: Past and Present
  • ANTH105- Modern Human Biology Variation
  • ANTH106- Sex, Science, and Anthropological Inquiry
  • BIOL- Any Course in Biology
  • CHEM- Any Course in Chemistry
  • NEUR301- Laboratory in Neuroscience I
  • NEUR302- Laboratory in Neuroscience II
  • NTSC- Any Course in Natural Science
  • PHYS- Any Course in Physics
  • PSYC101- General Psychology
  • PSYC240- Psychology and Biology of Perception
  • PSYC305- Brain and Behavior
  • PSYC388- Laboratory in Neuroscience I
  • PSYC389- Laboratory in Neuroscience II

Societal and Cultural Understanding

  • ANTH102- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH106- Sex, Science, and Anthropological Inquiry
  • ANTH271- World Cultures
  • ASIA101- Introduction to Asian and Asian-American Studies
  • CMUN160- Communication Practices
  • CMUN216- Contemporary Culture and Communication
  • CMUN218- Intercultural Communication
  • CMUN219- Interpersonal Communication
  • CMUN223- Media and Society
  • CMUN227- Social Justice and Communication
  • CMUN254- Communication, Language and Gender
  • CPSY342- Issues in Identity Development and Cultural Pluralism
  • CRMJ- Any Course in Criminal Justice EXCEPT 315 (Criminal Justice Research), 316 (Criminal Justice Statistics), 350 (Philosophical Foundations of Criminal Justice), 407 (Statistics), 409 (Criminal Justice Research Methodology), 412 (Ethics in Criminal Justice)
  • ECON201- Principles of Economics I
  • ECON202- Principles of Economics II
  • LING- Any Course in Linguistics
  • PLSC- Any Course in Political Science
  • PSYC- Any Course in Psychology
  • SOCL- Any Course in Sociology
  • THEO174- Religion in America
  • WOST201- Issues in Feminism

Theological and Religious Studies Knowledge

  • CLST371- Ancient Greek and Roman Religion
  • HONR101- Developments in Western Thought I
  • HONR102- Developments in Western Thought II
  • INDS174- Theology and Society
  • PHIL271- Knowledge and Reality: Religion
  • THEO- Any Course in Theology


  • CMUN217- Ethics and Communication
  • CRMJ412- Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • PHIL281- Action and Value: Ethics
  • PHIL282- Action and Value: Society
  • PHIL283- Action and Value: Business
  • PHIL284- Action and Value: Medicine
  • PHIL285- Action and Value: Selected Topics
  • THEO192- Moral Problems
  • THEO194- Society and Economics in Christian Thought

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