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Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners

CPELL Cohort

‌Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners (CPELL) provides school educators and administrators with a unique opportunity to learn how to better serve in multicultural, multilingual schools.

In 2007, the first generation of CPELL (#T195N070359) was launched. Housed within the Loyola University Chicago School of Education, the CPELL program offered an M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership with a Type 75 endorsement, as well as the full district benefits to teachers, administrators, and parents. (For more details about the first CPELL program, visit the online archive of the program or read the ‌program brochure

In the second generation of CPELL, specific aspects of the program model have modified to address changing need. For example, CPELL now provides a 50% tuition scholarships for participation in one of two programs: the M.Ed. in English Language Teaching and Learning (with an ESL endorsement) or the ESL Endorsement graduate program. These courses prepare teachers to provide comprehensive instruction specific to English Language Learners (ELLs) in today’s classrooms. Educators who participate in these programs become highly qualified to work with the growing population of ELLs in the state of Illinois. The M.Ed. program also offers a broad lens on teaching English language learners ranging from children to adults in national and international contexts, preparing the teacher for a variety of contexts, and providing continuous options to hone in on particular areas of interest and areas of expertise. These programs are available to educators in the CPELL partner districts.


Students enrolled in the CPELL program receive the multiple benefits of participating in a cohort program at Loyola.  All courses in the program are taught by highly qualified professors.  Students in the cohort attend classes together and benefit from discussing their unique educational and professional experiences.  It is our hope that these students will form lasting professional bonds that will be utilized throughout their careers.  Ideal applicants to the cohort program include those who are interested in becoming leaders at multicultural, multilingual schools.

*A cohort is a group of students who attend together all of the required courses leading to a degree. Students benefit from networking and bonding with one another during the course of their program. Once a cohort is formed, the students remain together for the duration of their degree program. New students are not admitted to a cohort after it begins, but they may join newly forming cohorts.

For more information on becoming a CPELL scholar, see our information session PowerPoint, program flyer, and CPELL flyer.  Please check with CPELL for future cohort opportunities.

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For more information please e-mail CPELL@luc.edu or call 312-915-6318

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Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners
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