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Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology


Recent Publications

Lemmer, Thomas, Gad Bensinger, and Arthur Lurigio. 2009. "An Analysis of Police Responses to Gangs in Chicago," Police Practice and Research 9(5).

Stemen, Don and Andres F. Rengifo. 2009. "Mandating Treatment for Drug Possessors: The Impact of Senate Bill 123 on the Criminal Justice System in Kansas," Journal of Criminal Justice 37(3).

Olson, David, Jennifer Rozhon, and Mark Powers. 2009. "Enhancing Prison Reentry through Access to Prison-based and Post-incarceration Treatment: Experiences from the Illinois Sheridan Correctional Center Therapeutic Community," Journal of Experimental Criminology 5(3).

Lombardo, Robert. 2010. The Black Hand: Terror by Letter in Chicago, University of Illinois Press.

Rengifo, Andres F., and Don Stemen. 2010. "The Impact of Drug Treatment on Recidivism: Do Mandatory Programs Make a Difference? Evidence from Kansas’ Senate Bill 123." Crime and Delinquency.

Stemen, Don, and Andres F. Rengifo. 2010. "Policies and Imprisonment: The Impact of Structured Sentencing and Determinate Sentencing on State Incarceration Rates, 1978–2004." Justice Quarterly.

Rengifo, Andres F., Don Stemen, Brendan D. Dooly, Ethan E. Amidon, and Amanda Gendon. 2010. “Cents and Sensibility: A Case Study of Corrections Reform in Kansas and Michigan,” Journal of Criminal Justice 38(4).

Funded Research Projects

Olson, David, Don Steme, and Robert Lombard (Co-Principal Investigators). The Implementation and Impact of Capital Punishment Reforms in Illinois.  Illinois Capital Punishment Reform Committee 2009-2010.

Stemen, Don and Andres F. Rengifo (Co-Principal Investigators).  Alternative Sentencing Policies for Drug Offenders: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Kansas Senate Bill 123.  National Institute of Justice (2008-2010).

Rengifo, Andres F. and Don Stemen (Co-Principal Investigators). Context and Impact of Organizational Changes in State Corrections Agencies: A Study of Local Discourses and Practices in Kansas and Michigan. National Institute of Corrections (2009-2010).

Stemen, Don and Bruce Fredericks (Co-Principal Investigators).  The Anatomy of Discretion: An Analysis of Prosecutorial Decision Making.  National Institute of Justice (2009-2011).

Recent Presentations

Stemen, Don. Prosecution and Racial Justice: Using Prosecution Case Management Data to Examine Disparity.  National Institute of Justice Annual Conference, June 2010.  Washington, DC.

Olson, David and Jordan Boulger.* Explaining the Recidivism of Juvenile Released from Prison: The Illinois Experience.  Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference, September 2009.  Chicago, IL.

Lombardo, Robert and David Olson. The Illinois Capital Punishment Reform Act: How Policy Affests Practice. Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference, September 2009.  Chicago, IL.

Bensiger, Gad.  Organized Crime in Isreal: An Update.  Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference, September 2009.  Chicago, IL.

Stalans, Loretta J. How Similar and Different Are Risk Factors for Violent Recidivism During Probation and after Discharged from Probation?  Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference, September 2009.  Chicago, IL.

Commissions and Advising

David Olson has been appointed to a six-year term on the Advisory Board for the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.  The 13-member Board advises the IDOC concerning policy matters and programs for incarcerated persons and those on parole. 

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